What does annotated bibliography writing consist of? Generally, a written bibliography is a list of writings that also provide the date they have been published.

Annotated bibliography writing is just a descriptive version of writing

This says that an annotated bibliography is a citation foundation where the citation then has an annotation that follows. This next section explains how to write a bibliography. An annotation is a memo that describes a certain part of the bibliography. The memo defines, clarifies or assesses the topics or the publication that a certain part of the bibliography is citing. All typical expositions, research papers, thesis, etc. contain a written bibliography at the end of the writing. The bibliography lists all the thesis, journals, articles, research papers, and books the author referenced for assistance in their writing. The author provides some annotations in order to summarize the main points of view of the article or the book. The writer also explains the topics, points of view of the book, and the major points that the article or research paper consists of. Another part of an annotated bibliography is assessing sources. This bibliography also presents as a review. It reviews sources and then explains whether it rationalizes the subject that it is meant to cover. An annotated bibliography also describes the purpose of why a particular source was used and its importance in the article or paper, if it was helpful, what the significant ideas are, etc. An essay annotation can cover just one certain characteristic that is mentioned above or all of them.

Why is an Annotated Bibliography Important:

To write an annotated bibliography may seem very unimportant to some but when we point out the benefits that it has, we then understand that it is a major factor of a research paper, dissertation, or thesis. In a thesis, journal or research paper, the author attempts to prove an idea. The references that the author includes with his ideas enhance the credibility of the main point or belief that he is trying to encourage through his paper. The quoted papers or authors have clearly been acknowledged in the past and their reliability helps the author in attaining credibility for his own points. Also, at the college level, a bibliography explains to the professor that the student has completed the research for the writing and has added relevant facts that he has obtained from appropriate sources. Another benefit that a bibliography has is that quoting identical points from multiple different sources adds credibility to the point the author is going for. Likewise, it also delivers material on the significance of the information. Things always change, what may hold truth on one day may become outdated on another day. The bibliography also provides facts about the timeline of the sources that are quoted in a paper.

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