What you should do on a job interview is an age-old question. There has been written a lot about it and the main tips seem to come down to dressing up, smiling politely and talking enthusiastically. Like if you manage to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment to demonstrate your eagerness, the job is already in your pocket. But is it really so?

In reality, an interview includes some psychological aspects. If learn these mind tricks, you will get to know how to wow an interviewer and secure a place for yourself. So we want to present 3 main techniques of how to win an interview before it starts.

Happy Vibes

When asked what they pay most attention to during an interview, employers name many things. Your education and prior achievements show the level of preparation, your work experience demonstrates what you’re capable of and your qualifications prove how suitable you are for a certain position. However, all interviewers admitted that the most important thing is the impression that the person makes.

Have you been lucky to meet people who radiate positivity, who chat easily and in the company of which you want to stay? If you want to be sure that you get the job, you need to turn into such a person. A job interview is obviously a stressful event: you want to convince the other person that you’re the best candidate, and that means you are not allowed the luxury of a slip-up. Nevertheless, try to let yourself loose a bit. Show the interviewer that you’re a lively person and not a robot who’s only capable of answering questions. Don’t hesitate to talk passionately about things that interest you, make friendly remarks or even praise the company. All these positive gestures will make you look like a nice fellow.

Simple Language

One of the popular interview tips is to try to sound very intelligent by using complex words fished out of a dictionary. It sounds logical that the more intricate you sound the higher your IQ is, right? In reality, it’s rather the opposite. Studies show that people whose language is unnecessary complex tend to push others away because they create an atmosphere of supremacy.

On a job interview, it’s important to create an impression of a well-educated person but you can acieve it speaking normally. Your purpose should be to make your ideas clear and stay natural, and simple language is the best means for that.

Reveal the Negative

Have you prepared a long list of your impressive accomplishments from school and work? Save it for later. An experiment conducted at Duke University showed that people are more likely to develop positive feelings towards a person who openly shares their negative sides. So the things you were trying to hide on a job interview might be beneficial for the next one. For example, if you tell how you failed a class at college, it makes people trust you more because you’re willing to open up. In addition, it makes your image less polished and hence more real, down to earth and trustworthy.

So here is a short summary of what you should do:

  1. find a thing you like about the company the most and make sure your potential employer gets to know your appreciation or try to mention non-job related things you both might enjoy;
  2. avoid big words because they only make you sound standoffish;
  3. reveal your closet skeletons at the beginning of the interview to highlight your honesty and openness.

So there you go – three simple techniques to secure your dream job!

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