Many graduates dream of becoming students of the best universities. However, it is not so easy to enter them and not everyone is destined to become a famous scientist. However, there is a great alternative in this situation, such as community colleges. Their feature is that in just two years you will receive an education and master the profession. After that, you can immediately get a job or continue studying at the university.


Community colleges are 2-year colleges, which give an opportunity not only to get a bachelor's degree in the future but also to obtain additional specialization, as well as to increase your professional qualifications. Students of community colleges are people with average academic, professional, and technical education, young professionals wishing to obtain a specialization in order to retrain to a better job, as well as adults who have not received any technical or higher education. Therefore, the age and level of knowledge of students in community colleges are extremely diverse. Such colleges are funded by local government, federal and state governments. Traditional subjects are mathematics, business, exact sciences, history, etc. Special subjects are tourism, banking, computer technology, graphic design, hotel management, etc. You can study for one year and even less, depending on your basic education. After completing two years of study, you can get the Associate's degree (pre-Bachelor's degree) and have the opportunity to enroll in a university to get a bachelor's degree. The peculiarity of learning in the community college is the emphasis on obtaining practical skills from the first day of studying. This means that any theory is immediately practiced through drafting projects, presentations, etc. Due to this, the workload in the community college is somewhat lower than in the universities, which please many students, because it is possible to combine study with work. It is noteworthy that you can enter the community college from the age of 16. In addition to knowledge, college students have access to gyms, a swimming pool, and medical care for a small fee. Some colleges cooperate with international universities in Europe and Asia, where you can transfer after receiving a diploma. Here are a few more advantages of community colleges.


Despite the fact that studying in a public college lasts only two years, students get good knowledge there. In these schools, the focus is on your specialty. There are not many minor items that are needed only by specialists who want to do scientific work. If you want to learn a good profession and start building your career without spending many years on your education, this is the best option for you.


If you like scientific activity, or you want to get a deeper knowledge of your specialty, you can continue your education at the university. Specialists in the field of education in the US recommend students start with the programs of community colleges "college-university," and then enter the US universities for the third year to complete learning in the chosen specialty. For this, a transfer of received credits from community colleges is carried out, to continue your studies at the university. This system is called "2 + 2" (2 years in college and two years at the university) and is very popular among students. The fact is that the material studied in college makes it easy to enroll in a university and halve the period of study under the Bachelor's program.
In order to study under the "2 + 2" program, the courses studied in the college must correspond to the future university specialization of the student. Thus, the college and suitable courses should be chosen in accordance with what you want to learn at the university.


As you know, studying in many colleges and universities is not cheap. However, in community colleges, everything is different. Prices for studying here are more than affordable.


All campuses of the best community colleges are modern and comfortable. All conditions for study and residence of students are created here. There are dormitories, libraries, cafes, gyms, football fields, and many other things that contribute to the personal development of young people and allow you to rest with profit on campus.


Many entrants, enrolling in the university, are not sure whether they have made the right choice. This is a fairly common phenomenon. Of course, a young person can change his or her views on life in the future. Very often, people do not like their profession, but they do not want to waste time on obtaining a new specialty. Given the fact that studying in a community college lasts only two years, you have the opportunity to enroll in any educational institution again and not to lose a lot of your precious time.


The size of the studying group in the community college usually ranges from 15 to 20 students, which allows teachers to devote more time to each student, and offers more opportunities for personal students’ communication.


In comparison with universities, community colleges offer more narrowly focused and professional education. During the studying, students can work on campus for up to 20 hours a week or go through practice, and after completing studying and obtaining an associate degree within one year, undergo Optional Practical Studying.


Thanks to strong ties with local companies and orientation to the practical aspect of studying, most colleges are equipped with the modern facilities and technologies. In addition, most of the teaching staff combine teaching with work in their field of specialization. Thanks to this, community colleges play a leading role in such areas as biomedical engineering, biotechnology, nursing, the Internet and computer technologies, the sound recording industry, and others.


Community colleges offer hundreds of programs in all major branches of science, where education can be continued at 4-year universities, the most popular are business, engineering, computer science, hotel and restaurant management, psychology, and others.


The name of the college, community college, indicates a strong connection with the community. Students of different ages, backgrounds, and levels of previous education study here. Thanks to this, learners have the opportunity to communicate with interesting people not only in the college but outside the campus too.


The university education has a very intensive curriculum. Community colleges offer three times lower workload, and you will have free time for your personal development.


Higher education releases many specialists to the market, but students with an associate degree are also appreciated. In the United States, there is a growing popularity of community college graduates; they can find work even more quickly than bachelors or masters.


Community colleges are trying to attract various representatives of the student community and ensure their academic success. A large number of services and programs are offered for students, such as help of tutors, mentors, and psychologists, counseling, professional development planning, development of learning skills, etc.


In the past, US community colleges did not have a very good reputation. It was believed that only students who cannot enter the university or do not have sufficient financial resources study here. Nevertheless, everything changes.
Today, completely different people study in community colleges, and such education is seen as a worthy step on the way to getting a particular profession. In addition, for economic reasons, many students may not expect financial support from their parents and prefer to get an associate degree without going to an expensive college. As you can see, studying in community colleges has many advantages. You can choose a profession that you like and realize your dream here.

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