You may say what a crazy thing to believe that your pet can improve your professional life. I should admit it might sound a bit strange, but let me show you how it all works personally for me.
Our fluffy friends are surely the ones, who do demand our undivided attention to them without any exceptions. That’s the way they are created, and in this amazing way of showing their interest on you, I can’t do anything just enjoining that fact, that’s all.
But have you ever wondered how the things might change with your bellowed fluffy ones once you take it from another perspective?
I do believe the pets are our true helpers even when it’s hard to think so when you’ve found your papers on the floor and have no idea where your phone might be.
Somehow our pets tend to make our personal life much better. It goes not only about that part of it, it also concerns our jobs. I do mean that our professional life.
Okay, let’s figure out how it actually works, and how our pets tend to improve our professional lives.
Being honest, we do know how our fluffy ones might be annoying when they are constantly distracting us from your laptop. It’s a real challenge to type with a ball in another hand. But these little buddies bring us incredible joy and happiness, improving our health and enhancing our social skills for sure. They help us to be more successful and productive at work even if you doubt that fact.

My 4 main reasons how your fluffy friends do make your professional life better:

1. Happiness

Your cat or dog won’t go to the meeting for you or complete the task; it’s obvious nothing from fantasy, really. But their huge effect on your environment at home shouldn’t be undervalued; their involvement in your home life reflects every area of your life the way you can’t even imagine.
The level of dopamine and serotonin is elevated every time you interact with your furry buddy. The higher this level is, the more relaxed and calm you are. Your pets make you happy and this simple feeling of happiness has a good effect on all areas of your life, and the work isn’t the exception.
Animals are surely the best ones in emotional support, they are used as therapy for veterans suffering from PTSD, college students during finals week, children with autism, people in addiction centers and hospitals.
The next time you will be throwing a ball or simply napping, think of the doses of happiness and calmness you will be provided with.
Should I continue how it affects your motivation and diligence to get more done?
Besides making you a more patient and motivated person ever, spending time with your pets you are improving your mental and physical well-being.

2. Your Health

If you are an animal owner, your heart is healthier for sure. Blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol are decreased if you are a lucky fluffy owner. According to the studies, it’s not only your heart that benefits from living with a fluffy one, having a pet tend to ward off allergies and to lower a child’s likelihood of developing animal-related allergies.
In other words, the heightened dopamine and serotonin levels suggest your life is less stressful. What to say about the active lifestyle which the dog owners have to lead due to their pets’ need for exercise.
A well-known fact that stress is a trigger for a bunch of diseases; having a pet, you at the same time minimize the risk of health problems. Less stress, what does it mean? Less stress means a higher productivity level, and consequently much better attitude to work, which in its turn suggests more work done.
After the most productive and hard workday, what a relief and pleasure is to lounging with your dog and book, nothing compares to that feeling for sure!

3. The Best Icebreaker Ever

I strongly believe that animals are the best help when it goes about social skills and interactions. Especially for people, who are struggling with creating interoffice relationships and networking, communication on a personal level might be a total disaster and the worst nightmare.
Finding common interest besides the ones related to work can be a difficult task to manage, but if you both have pets, it’s much easier to connect with your colleagues as you do have what to discuss.
Not everyone is a sports fan or likes the same music, but things change when it comes up about your pets. Soon you are going to tell every funny story which happened to you and your fluffy one, and sharing photos as you are a family member to each other, believe me. We love animals; everyone loves them, that’s the fact.

4. Productivity

How does it all work will you ask? Bringing up an animal at home, you are taking care of it. You do care about your fluff’s well-being, health, and happiness, such love of your reliable companion inevitable leads to your higher productive level, as you should get more things done. Your animal needs and requires your attention that supposes your regular exercise and better time-management. So a simple yet workable thing for sure, you are on the track no matter what without even dreaming about having such productive lifestyle.
If you are a pet owner, you are a lucky guy for sure! You are healthier and happier, more fulfilled and prone to routine. All this means that you are definitely much more productive in all areas of your life.

I’m sure our pets help us and improve our lives in much more ways than we could even realize. They are simply the best and incredible creatures in the world, and even when it happens that they somehow distract you from your computer or mess your papers on the floor, take it easy, they are your best help ever!
Maybe it’s a sign to take a break? Go outside with your buddy, take a brisk walk, or just cuddle your cat a bit; your work can wait for a moment. Our pets are the necessary addition to our professional life, and not only.

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