Career and personal development are of great importance for the young generation. A good book can often help to achieve great heights in life. Here are a few books for millennials that will teach you how to be successful and avoid a situation that can become a career killer. They also give useful pieces of advice in the workplace.

Best Books for Millennials 2018

Girlboss by Sofia Amoruso

In the book Girlboss, Sofia Amoruso tells her story of reincarnation from a high school graduate to the CEO of a multimillion-dollar fashionable empire. She writes what it means to be a woman in the modern business world. Who might need this book?

  • Women wishing to take a leadership position in entrepreneurship.
    • Anyone who is looking for a way to improve his or her natural talents.
    • Owners of small businesses who are interested in a non-traditional way of business development.

Main questions and theses:

  • Find your personality and natural talents, and let them lead you to success.
  • Choose non-traditional ways and try unusual exercises to find out what really inspires you.
  • To succeed, become an expert in your business. Gain experience and try everything new.
  • You cannot control the opinions of others about you, so ignore them.
  • Stay positive and focus on your goals.

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

The inspiring and practical book The Creative Habit will teach you how to find creativity in your routine life. There are 32 exercises, developed by choreographer Twyla Tharp. They are based on her 35-year work experience. You will learn what it means to be creative and how to use your abilities properly.

The book will talk to you about sadness and joy and will touch you deep in the soul. You will feel as if you are on the stage with Twyla Tharp. The book is filled with valuable recommendations on the philosophy and practice of creativity.

Creativity plays a huge role not only in lives of artistic people. It is necessary for everyone: an engineer designing a dance class, a businessperson who dreams of big sales, etc. Creativity is a habit that will make you more flexible, smarter, more effective and more joyful.

Twyla Tharp is the great choreographer. She created more than 130 dances for her troupe, as well as for such bands as the New York City Ballet, the London Royal Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet and the American Ballet Theater.

To make art a part of your life, you just need to turn it into a habit. It requires a little preparation and effort, and everyone can cope with this. Tharp will help you to take the first steps in the process of finding a new idea and concept for your project. The world of new opportunities will open wide its doors for you and will inspire with new energy, so, take a deep breath and go forward.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler 

This interesting book begins with a very long introduction about how difficult it was to write the work and that she did not believe that she would ever finish it (she repeats this thought again and again). She asks her mother and her colleagues to write "guest chapters".

The author playfully complains about the clogged schedule and two small children, but in fact, it is not difficult at all to imagine that she simply did not really want to do this. The book was made by editors and publishers. 

In fact, the reader quickly becomes convinced that it was so uneasy for Amy Poehler to write her book because she had not had any problems in life. She was not offended by classmates. She is a happy woman who always laughs. She had a happy childhood. She even gave birth to her children with a laugh.

The whole book is written in such a jocular form that it does not look like all typical well-known success stories. Nevertheless, here the readers can find out what character qualities made Amy Poehler so popular and learn how to succeed in combining career and active social life.

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