Blogging is all about exploring your interests, meeting new people, improving your writing skills and networking. And blogging is not just for people, who want to become journalists. Actually, I think that having a blog is a good decision for any college student.

Reasons to Start Blog

  • Reason #1: it looks good on your resume. I never thought about this when I have just started blogging but you’d better apply to a job having one or two competitive advantages. Having a blog may be one of them. There’s a great difference between the resume which includes ‘writing’ as one of the skills and a resume that lists ‘curating a blog’ in achievements section. During my last job interview, hiring manager actually asked me questions about my blog and it surprised me! But it also made me understand that having a blog is a competitive advantage that can make you standout among other candidates.
  • Reason#2: it introduces you to new people. Being a blogger naturally makes you connected to other bloggers, web-designers, entrepreneurs, photographers and all the different people in the blogging sphere. You become a part of one big family and like in any other good family if you need help – you get it. Great thing is that these people grow with you and you can use these contacts in the future.
  • Reason #3: it helps you to learn new technical skills. The deeper you decide to go into blogging the more skilled you will become. HTML and CSS are just two areas of expertise that you will get stronger at but there are many others.
  • Reason #4: it makes you a better writer. It’s the most obvious point on the list, but nevertheless, it’s necessary to include it. I hated English classes, but when I started writing posts for my blog I understood that English and writing are two different things. I’m writing about the things that I care and that I’m passionate about and it brings me joy. While doing it I also started to get better at writing, paying more attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Reason #5: it allows you to learn a few things about business. Even if you aren’t earning money with your blog posts you will learn some things about business, because you need to figure out how to market your posts and make them reach as many people as possible. Here are some of the business skills that you can acquire while blogging: branding, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, copywriting etc.

And the last but not least – you will capture the most memorable moments from your college life! Even if you drop blogging after a year or two you can make a copy of your blog and look at it in 30 years to recollect your student life. Now you know why starting a blog as a student is a good idea. 

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