Each person has a list of favorite Christmas movies. These pictures create an atmosphere of joy and kindness. This collection of Christmas classics was created for those who want to expand their New Year film horizons.

Christmas In July (1940)

Clerk Jimmy constantly participates in various contests, but he becomes a victim of a joke of friends, who informed him about a prize of 25 thousand dollars. Jimmy arranges “Christmas in July” for himrself, his bride, and the whole city buying up a huge number of gifts.

The Christmas Carol (1951)

Scrooge, the old hater of Christmas, changes his attitude to this bright holiday after meeting with the spirits. This picture by the novel by Dickens is considered not only the best Christmas movie but also the best adaptation of the English classic.

Die Hard (1988)

The unbeatable Bruce Willis presented us with one of the best happy endings in the history of the New Year’s cinema, having single-handedly dealt with the gang of international terrorists who captured the skyscraper on Christmas Eve and had time to celebrate Christmas with his beloved wife.

Bad Santa (2003)

The “bad Santa” with B.B. Thornton’s face is certainly the ugliest Santa Claus. Drunk, vomiting, and swearing Santa Claus is dishonoring the moral image of this personage.

Real Love (2003)

There are very few real things in this British comedy. This is a sweet New Year tale in which the Prime Minister (Grant) falls in love with the secretary and finds happiness with her. A happy ending in Christmas comedies is just as necessary as a gift under a Christmas tree.

A Christmas Carol (2009)

The adaptation of the classic story of Charles Dickens begins with the spirits of Christmas giving the mean and cruel old Ebenezer Scrooge a chance to recall the most touching and exciting moments of his long life, which he dedicated to accumulating wealth to change a terrible future and postpone his demise.

Elf (2003)

Buddy Hobbs, a boy from the orphanage, sneaked into Santa Claus’s bag. It so happened that he became the adopted son of one of his elves. Buddy grew up and had a burning desire to find his own father.

Meet Me In St. Louis (1944)

A large American family living in the outback, in the town of St. Louis is in the center of the plot. The film took place in 1903; the city is preparing for the world exhibition-fair. Alonso Smith, a successful local businessman, lives here with his wife Ann, daughters Esther, Rose, Agnes, son Lon, naughty grandfather, and a maid. His daughter Rose flirts with one cavalier at home and communicates with another one who is studying in college. Esther met a boy living in a nearby house. Suddenly, the measured flow of their lives changes when Alonso gets a promotion, which is why he and his entire family need to move to New York. However, none of the family members is happy with this news.

Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

This film is an example of the original Christmas classics. The real Santa walks around 34th Street in New York, but no one believes him until he falls into the hands of Doris Walker, organizer of Macy’s annual Christmas parades. Right during the parade, the actor who was supposed to play Santa Claus was found drunk. There is nothing to do, Doris grabs the gray-haired stranger and appoints him as the new performer of the role of Santa. After a successful performance, he gets a job in the store. However, when a store manager orders a newbie to sell toys that are stale to children, Santa becomes indignant. Instead, he sends the children to another store belonging to their competitor, Mr. Gimble.

White Christmas (1954)

After the end of World War II, two former recruits, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, combine their talents to become the best singing dance duet in America. Gigs follow one by one and guys are becoming more popular. Needless to say, the tour list is scheduled for many days in advance. However, once they get acquainted with the female duet of the sisters Betty and Judy. This acquaintance brings young people to the idea of creating a quartet and performing on Christmas Eve with a concert in support of a holiday home for skiers, run by their former commander, retired General Waverly.

The Apartment (1960)

A modest employee of the insurance company Baxter, in order to advance through the career ladder somehow, lends the keys to his bachelor apartment not only to his friends but also to his boss. Indeed, his business is starting to go uphill, but the unexpected thing happens. Baxter meets the mistress of his chef, Fran, an unhappy, depressed girl, and falls in love with her. For Fran, this is the story of how to find a good guy on Christmas Eve and get rid of the bad one. She works as an ordinary elevator operator in a huge corporation and dates with a big boss, but he is married, and she is just a lover.

It`s Wonderful Life (1946)

George Bailey is the owner of a credit company. He lives in the fictional American town, Bedford Falls. George is an honest, sympathetic, loving husband and father, but he is overwhelmed by the adversity that has fallen on him and is thinking about suicide.
It is obvious that a person who refuses the greatest gift of God needs the help of a guardian angel. The skies send him Clarence, the only free Angel of the Second Class at that time. If he does his job well and is able to dissuade George from the mortal sin, he will get wings. Clarence finds the only right decision: to show George a world in which he does not exist.

Think about your childhood, old Christmas classics DVD collections, family evenings, and the warmth of your home while watching these movies.

May 5, 2022