For this assignment, I have visited the Grossmont Guitar Ensemble concert. The director was Fred Benedetti. The musicians played mostly classical music, such as Bach’s one. The guitar ensemble was accompanied by violin. I think it is the main peculiarity of the performance that the musicians played classical music pieces and not modern ones. The point is that nowadays almost every piece of music, be it a song, or a concert includes guitars. On the contrary, the classical music pieces were written to be played on pianos, violins, cellos, etc. Nevertheless, the musicians did not change any single note in the music pieces.

Sometimes, classical music can be boring. This happens when a person listens to one composer for quite a long time. I was not bored during the Grossmont Guitar Ensemble performance. I think that it is because the pieces, which the musicians played, differed greatly from each other. For example, the first music piece, which has been played, was the Violin Concerto in D, whereas the second music piece was Rumba.

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I suggest it is impossible to be too active during the guitar concert for performers. On the other hand, the musicians tried to express their feelings not only with their fingers plunking the guitar strings, but also with their facial expressions. I suggest that in this situation it is the best way to be active during the concert. The musicians did not engage the audience, though. However, nobody was prohibited to dance during the concert. Obviously, there was not much space for dancing. Although, most of the audience preferred to sit and listen to the concert, I guess, nobody was bored. As for me, during the concert, I was listening not with my ears, but with my heart. I dissolved in the music and the sounds, which surrounded me.

The music performance did not follow the chronological order. From the very first sight, I thought that every piece belongs to one epoch, and they follow the historical order. However, when I looked at the names of composers, I saw that the order was not chronological. The point is that the first piece performed was written in the seventeenth century, one of the next pieces was written by the director of the concert, the following pieces were written in the ninetieth and twenty centuries. I suggest that the director has chosen this order because of the unity of music pieces. I have noticed that one music piece slowly flowed to another one. The musicians did not perform several music pieces from the different epochs. Instead, they created a new long piece, which consisted of several music pieces from different epochs.

On the contrary, the music performance lacked the words. Obviously, I came to the concert to listen to music. On the other hand, it is somehow unusual for me to listen to music without hearing a single word. I suggest that the best solution in this case is that the director takes a stand and says several words about a music piece and its history. I guess it is a good idea to include the naming of the composition, which is going to be played, into the performance. In this case, the musicians will have some rest. Moreover, those, who have never listened to the music piece, will find it interesting to know the name of the composition and its composer. Besides, I would like to hear why the director has chosen these exactly compositions and not the other ones. It is rather interesting for me to observe the logic of such choice.

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I suggest that in the nearest future, I will visit the performance of the Grossmond Guitar Ensemble again. I have already states that I enjoyed the concert greatly. The main reason is not only in the performance itself, but rather in the atmosphere the musicians have created. The Guitar Club, where the performance had taken place, was small. It was so small, that all the visitors could barely stand without disturbing the musicians. During the concert, I had the feeling that I attended a music performance in the last century. It felt like I was in jazz or blues club in the fortieth or fiftieth of the twentieth century. There was a small group of those, who were allowed to visit the performance. The place for the performance was secret, nobody knew about it. During the concert, it felt like I was the chosen one to visit the performance. Obviously, I realized that there were posters all around the block informing about the Grossmond Guitar Ensemble concert. On the contrary, the heart told me that the reality in not outside, but inside, in the small room, where I was standing, listening to the guitar music performance.

I do not think that the Grossmond Guitar Ensemble should perform on big scenes. There are those, who will always want to appear in the small room where these is no space for sitting or dancing. The place, where the air is full of guitar sound. The place, where only the music matters. The place, where a listener forgets about all the troubles and worries but only enjoys the music. I suggest that Fred Benedetti created a real time traveling machine with his music performance. It does not matter that the music pieces did not follow chronological order, the main thing, which matters, is the feelings one has, when listening to the performance.