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Contemporary design faces a number of challenges; these challenges have been a hindrance to the development of works of art. One of the most notable challenge that contemporary design faces is the stiff competition in the market. Based on the high competition in the market, organizations have to look for ways of creating value for their customers. In addition, competition has become complex, and this requires that organizations developing new strategies to meet market demands. Contemporary design also faces the challenge of lacking recognition of the value of artworks. Another challenge facing contemporary design includes the deficiency of clarity in explaining the artworks (Schiuma 2009).

Aesthetics, materiality, technology, and reproduction are related in a number of ways

The link between these concepts emanates from their role in understanding the historical development of art. Through these concepts, cultural production is studied historically, and there is also easy comparison between the artworks. Materiality is crucial to the understanding of the relationship that exists between the form and shape of the artworks. Technology helps in understanding how the works of art have evolved over time. Reproduction relates to the other concepts as it helps in understanding how the arts of work are produced. For example, through reproduction, it is easy to know how designs are made (Goodwin and Muncha 2010).

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Globalization has had a notable impact on design, as a result of which it has brought changes in both social expression and identity.  Globalization has evoked a sense of advancement in the works of art. Through globalization, social expression and meaning has included the expression of energy and emotion, which will have an impact on organizations. As a result of globalization, social expression has changed tremendously with the aim of addressing issues that relate to business. Social intelligence has evolved, and this led to improvements in flexibility, perception, as well as imagination. Globalization has also led to the emergence of new designs in social expression, as well as the use of new tools in designing works of art. Social expression has changed to become a modern phenomenon as artists have embraced the use of contemporary language and other ways of expression in their works of art (Schiuma 2009).

Creative processes from modernity to contemporaneity have changed in a number of ways

The change in creative processes takes the form of maturity that has been experienced in the art system. The change in the creative processes has led to the existence of artworks through several cycles, which form part of art periods.  Changes in the creative processes have significantly contributed to the homogeneity of the art system. As a result, artistic concepts have been passed on from one generation to another together with the theories, market, as well as museums.  Experimental designs have also changed over time, and this has made it possible to make improvements in the modern works of art. Complex designs have emerged, thus marking a revolution in the development of art works (Schiuma 2009).

There is an intricate relationship between design and lifestyle; the lifestyle of consumers has an impact on the design of the products they will purchase. Consumers who can afford a luxurious lifestyle have an opportunity to acquire products that have complex and appealing designs. Designs influence the lifestyle changes of consumers; with advanced designs, consumers have had the opportunity to change their lifestyle and adapt to new designs. The key influences include the income of the consumers, as well as changes in designs. Consumer income determines their ability to purchase products of either complex, or simple designs. Changes in designs influence whether the consumers will embrace the new changes (Goodwin and Muncha 2010).

Buy custom Aesthetic Enterprises essay

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