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This concept of analysis gives special attention to protection measures in computer applications that would otherwise be compromised.  Ambiguity analyses enable better and secure operation of the software.  The concept gives insight on various techniques and methodologies that can be used to model threads, data sensitivity, and trust (Viega & McGraw, 2002). Well applied, the whole concept creates an environment of a well secured software system security. The analysis provides potential loopholes the attackers use to exploit vulnerabilities to access data or use the system without being detected. Once one is aware of these loopholes, it becomes easier to manage the vulnerabilities (Mouratidis, 2011).

The analysis also demonstrates how the software might be attacked by the hackers incase of vulnerability. This analysis provides answers to both sides of the risk and weakness in that the weakness of the soft is revealed, and the loopholes of the hackers are also revealed giving out precise solutions to the problems therein (Viega & McGraw, 2002). In addition, the analysis helps to identify potential threats, manage, and control the software system security. This will adequately address the issue of unforeseen unauthorized access to the software system (Mouratidis, 2011).

 Studies have shown that in ambiguity analysis, approximately 50% of software security problems are caused by design flaws. This enables one to make effective changes in the design that will prove hard to access compromise. Ambiguity analysis will prove the presence of any flaws and even the absence of flaws (Mouratidis, 2011). The two sided examination of the analysis is paramount in the final execution of securing the software against exploitation from the hackers. Vulnerabilities and threats are carefully studied for proper implementation in the final stage of the process. The biggest advantage in the ambiguity analysis is the ability to illustrate both sides, which include the effects of vulnerability and the absence of the vulnerability or the risk.

Buy custom Ambiguity Analysis Concept essay

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