Future Plans and Goals essay

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Goals are desired results towards which efforts are directed. They represent the specific aims or targets that a leader wishes to attain within a specific time span. Goal setting as a function of effective leadership helps to keep all the actions of a unit focused in the same direction (Davis, Eshelman & McKay, 2008). This helps to minimize wastage of time and resources in activities that are not directed to the specific goals. The goals will be set in relation to the organizations mission vision and philosophy.
First, as a human resource manager, I will set plans regarding ensuring a stable and functional workforce. This will include goals to ensure those recruited into the organization are adequately qualified personnel, to ensure that within 5 years all the employees are trained and developed in line with the technological advancement, and to ensure that the staff rewards and compensation system is operational and effective.

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I will involve all the players in the unit and seek input from all the members of the team since they will be the implementers of these goals. This enhances teamwork and prevent conflicts these goals are specific, pointing to an end result that each of the players can easily identify as crucial for the unit. They are measurable in the sense that the extent to which they are achieved can be monitored. They are attainable, not set too high to show off, but set by the capacity of the unit in consideration. They are realistic to avoid ambiguity and imaginations displaying the exact nature of the situation. The fifth characteristic is that goals have a time frame of 5 years. I will assess the situation in the unit to identify the needed changes, then arrange the needs in terms of priority and set the goals for each in consultation with stakeholders. Third, I will align the goals with the broad objective and set timelines and then identify activities that will lead to the goals and assign timelines and monitoring criteria for each.

The common challenges associated with goal setting are conflict of interests when the players and stakeholders in the process have diverse and conflicting views; interpersonal conflicts, when the process of goal setting is impeded by personal differences and misunderstandings; and management biases as a result of improper planning and analysis.


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Future Plans and Goals essay

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