How to Write a Capstone Project essay

The Capstone Project

In the photo, I chose a women’s collection for the Fall 2013. Fashion draws inspiration from different sources regardless of the timing. A short way of communicating a message is through an explicit drawing and for this project, I chose to use my Photoshop class as the object.

It targets women who yearn for diversity in their clothing. With so many African cultures left unexploited, a few are catching to the eye. In the subject image, rich deep colors used bold the ideas. Beautiful patterns used diversify the cultures that inspire. The picture is in a fresh condition. It has an African taste in it. It targets women who are deeply into fashion and are not afraid to try a rich African culture. The decorations around the picture are deep almost to show the fierceness of it. Its composure is in a vertical axis. Below there are some camels in a desert thus signifying the semi-arid cultures that inspires. Stone carvings behind the woman are pillar-sized1. They are traditional carvings as almost to show the religion used in those times. Round-shaped carvings painted are colorful. The green robe is heavy and woolen as to signify the sophisticated cultures. The numerous color patterns used create a contrast. The color schemes reflect the traditions of the people that inspired me. Its combination of fashion and culture creates a lively content and one can visualize traditions making a comeback in the western world.

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Moroccan cultures inspired me to drawing this picture. Morocco is a country, which consists of many ethnic tribes each with its unique culture. Its sub-Saharan nature is what creates uniqueness in their arts2. Consisting of almost 34 million people, their tradition and history is an integral part. Its early development saw Berbers settle there and they created a heritage system where arts, drawings, and curves became part of their culture. Working with this type of culture as my basic inspiration gave me a different view of African culture. Their early communication involved expressing themselves through arts. Since they did not know writing by then, they mainly relied on arts to communicate with others. Their artistic manner of portraying messages was unique and is still significant to present day. Traditions blend well with their ethnic groups and cultures. The Berber architecture found in building interiors is mostly in Mosques. These buildings are tall and one can see their difference from other buildings from far. They also made models shaped for tombs. Carpets, calendars, and hand decorations were part of their cultures and they add up to their diversity. The Moroccan culture includes different methods of designs that include geometric patterns, and drawing designs and scrolls and crystals hand fully constructed. Islamic culture also inspired me into this drawing. It contains a rich culture with architecture being the key element3.

Morocco hosts different forms of beliefs where each religion have its uniqueness. Its main language is classical Arabic. Islamic culture known for its diversity is widely spread. It contains multiple drawings with beautiful colors and beautiful handwritings on stones or books. Islam’s believe in beauty and just like Allah, their God is beautiful, they beautify everything they use in their lives.

Ancient scripts used for communication were essential to keep in touch with other people. They had encrypted messages that sometimes would carry hidden messages that only the wise ones would understand. This architecture was adapted from synagogues and churches. Watchtowers built and mosques decorated were part of their culture too. Home utensils decorated in metals such as silver added to their home beauty. Ornaments made from gold shine and gold is considered as a measure of wealth.

The many cultures also make cuisines that are catching to the eye. The cuisines are a mix of Arab, Berber, Middle Eastern, African, and Mediterranean influences. They use different spices, which include pepper, coriander, cumin, parsley, and cinnamon. The people of Morocco also love desserts. Street food has gained popularity mainly among tourists. One can easily afford this mostly tasty roasted meat. Their clothing reflects their traditions and history4.

This project has taught me the importance of respecting traditions however different they are. A clear view of cultures helps in understanding where we come from to know where we are headed. Combination of techniques in art helps in creating a simplified artistic idea. Art as a diverse range of activities carried out by humans creates images in different fields.


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How to Write a Capstone Project essay

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