Intelligence Community Agencies essay


To comfortably fit and be more effective in most organizations or institutions, one needs personal skills, relevant abilities, and interests. It preferably meets the profession requirements. Personal skills are work-related capabilities an individual can have that are identified with individual characteristics in a specific occupation, for example, the ability to categorize a specific amount of words every moment or code in a certain dialect; for instance, responsibility, exactness, faithfulness and friendliness. While abilities refer to the nature of having the capacity to accomplish something, particularly the mental, monetary, physical or lawful energy to achieve something, interests, on the other hand, refer to exercises somebody appreciates outside the workplace, for instance, playing sports, investing time with family, watching films and reading, according to Gearon. This kind of attributes develops into one wholesome individual that plays a great role in ones career development path.

Intelligence Community agencies are government structured agencies that are responsible for the collection and exploitation of information that is relevant to the government, either negative or positive so as to improve or support national security foreign policies and law enforcement of the country. According to Johnston, their main mission is to gather and pass the necessary information to the President and people from the policymaking, law authorization, and military groups.

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Personal skills, abilities, and interests that fit with the intelligence community agencies

So as to fit in such organization, individuals interested have to possess or develop personal abilities that are relevant. For example, technological knowledge with the world turning into a more unpredictable place and certain high-risk conditions becoming excessively dangerous, making it impossible to send people, the absence of human insight or intelligence have set more stress on signs insight to give military officers more knowledge of unsafe on-screen characters and potential dangers. Innovation has permitted the military to less depend on human knowledge and it puts the lives of spies and administrators on the ground at risk, and acquires elevated frameworks that give mass levels of insight. For example, unmanned flying automobiles have been valuable in getting more intelligence from the air. For example, the image intelligence.

Another ability is to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise environments. It is the capacity to extend the examples that rise forward and anticipate, inside a sensible thoroughness, what will occur next or at some point later on. It is not necessarily the case that remarkable inspectors are seers but instead that they can captivate unlimited measures of information into a tough case and, in view of genuine abilities, achieve what may be the following stride in the pattern. Inspectors can take a look at unique articles, considerations, or activities and find the mischievous act designs that normal individuals would ignore, and after that, put those examples to paper in an understanding form so the layman can see and comprehend them. The capacity to see the instances is the part that a man is conceived with not something that can be educated. It is the lessons in research and point of view that permits the inspector to articulate what their brain is indicating them. Remarkable investigators likewise have a wide aiding of tolerance. A few patterns take a while if not years to create.

Communication skills intelligence agents should be able to converse effectively in writing or verbally in a boardroom or in work events when they have just minutes with leaders, policymakers or in the field. They should be able to communicate with confidence, clarity, and reliability to present thoughts or ideas in a clear and concise way so that the unqualified can comprehend what is being presented.

See the bigger picture skill the vast investigator is equally somebody who is not hesitant to stick by their feelings when the odd remote information direct appears toward puzzle the example. They remember it for what it is and figure it the general picture.

Be flexible and responsive to change the agent can perceive when the case is getting defused because of a miscount and is sufficiently lithe to retool the procedure to bring the example again into the appropriate point of view. As it were, they can perceive when they are going down the wrong way and have the foresight to alter course when the case goes amiss from what is relied upon because of unexpected occasions

A worldwide concentration ability individuals need to begin seeing how the world functions. On an open mind platform, it is because cases are twisted in almost the best way possible to cover the trace by the perpetrators. Though there exist a number of fundamental lessons in most colleges. It is a skill that interested individuals should develop so as to expand their viewpoint.

A curious nature on individuals is another ability that comes in hand with the intelligence career: curiosity is a central piece of work and a powerful tool, thinking basically is apparently the most critical ability one can create. For example, being inquisitive of unclear instances, accepting to be wrong, listen without judgment and mostly not letting past events define the current events.

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Careers in the intelligence agencies

With the wide obligations given to the agencies, there are a lot of opportunities to venture in for interested students.

For example, analytical positions the analysts are skilled subject-matter specialists who examine and assess data from many sources. From these data they create functional and significant insight evaluations for the most elevated levels of government. CIA investigators screen and evaluate outside political advancements, authority, financial issues, military dangers and science innovations. The position is subdivided into many aspects like cyber threat analyst, an economic analyst, and data science.

Business and information technology security possession is the largest department of most agencies. With a lot of careers involved, for example, accountant, contract auditor, finance resource officer, inspector general auditor, inspector general IT auditor, cyber threat analyst, digital forensics engineer, digital target protective agent, security professional, technical security officer, statistics, and data administration officer, open source gathering officer.

Directorate of operations is answerable to the President, Congress, and the American public to support national security and foreign policy goals through the clandestine gathering of human intelligence known as the HUMINT and through conducting covert action as informed by the President, where modest candidates are positioned in curriculums offered by the agency. The Clandestine Service Trainee Program which is for applicants having earlier professional, army, or other non-academic skill. And the Skilled Trainee Program is for applicants joining the DO after finishing college or university study. The position includes operations officer, staff operations officer, and targeting officer etc. as careers to major in, according to Wood.

Challenges faced by the intelligence community agency

The flow of intelligence information is mostly poor between military units with covering orders and amongst military and regular citizen intelligent associations. No event knowing where to get information is intense and tedious. It is disappointing how regularly investigators who have been working in specific areas or focus for out stretches of time will analyze new data that they didn't know existed in light of the fact that there is a negligible collaboration between two unique associations. Even when data make it crosswise over the boundaries, access to data material is the currency of intelligence. Both analysts and organizations are always reluctant to share information with others not in their freedom, because it might be duplicated without credit and they might lose their perceived importance and aid.

Digital Attacks

The dangers of cyber warfare have been for a considerable length of time. Organized disruptions are generally understood as a standout between the most candid potential national security, open wellbeing and financial hitches. The invention, for this condition, chances into a double edge sword. The developments that engage us to lead and make similarly enable unlawful programmers, code criminal assemblies, physical militant structures and other propelled countries to upset the basic framework that is essential to the economy, trade, open security, and military, which comes as a burden to bare for the intelligence agencies, to always run with or a step farther than the criminals. The cyber safety center is filled with items that assure fast repairs yet it is obvious that the expanding diligence and advancement of assaults will require planning past the usual.

Environmental Change

As the point of environmental change has been extremely discussed, it bounces the subject role as an open security emergency back the people view that environmental change can affect national security, running from rising ocean levels to serious dry periods, to more continuous and obliterating tragic events. A recent report shows that drought and extreme weather in areas like the Middle East and North Africa are already contributing to extremism. Rebel groups in the northern part of Mali, for instance, exploited the famine thereby obligate locals to forcefully provide food arrangement. All that would require expanding the U.S. military support and resources.

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Transnational Crime

The United States resistance and law-authorization offices see transnational criminal structures as national security challenges. These assemblies cause instability and sabotage government developments through defilement, through transnational criminal associations that have accumulated significant wealth and influence, through human trafficking, the medication exchange, arms, and other unlawful exercises. They increase their scope by mounting partnerships with psychological militant associations, administration authorities, and certain state security administrations. Not even the United States' progressive observation, innovation is nearly enough to counter this threat.

A Tradition of Suspicion

The connection amongst the academic and the intelligent group has dependably been complicated. This discomfort is incompletely clarified by a long-existing strain among customarily abundant staff and its impression of IC exercises. Government offices, history, and political science, for instance, have quite some time been doubtful of what exactly IC offices do on the worldwide stage, yet they are also extremely worried by the means allegedly used to follow such activities. To this time, for instance, the central intelligence agency very wisely examines a site visit to guarantee there is a limited display or at least directed advertising to site individuals who could accept a visit in an optimistic manner. It always restricts inspection by the intelligence community to college campuses, because there is a general disdain within the community for what it sees as an openly-encouraged environment of hostility towards intelligence by faculty. The expanded use of engineering base encryption could strictly bound intelligence access to the plans and purposes associated with those who wish them destruction.

Strengths intelligence community agencies

Gearon argues that the technological advantage the science and technology use by these agencies is by far the best to find in the market, in terms of speed, accuracy, artificial intelligence and reliance on the tech tools, in every field they engage in. For example, the silver dollar concealment device, the spying tools, dragonfly and body-worn surveillance equipment the Lithium-Ion battery, among others.

Well trained, the agency selects the best and intelligent minds in their enrollment platform and after they train them specifically to the intelligence field. And later on, individuals specify depending on their career goals in the agency, for example, engineering, technology or investigation, which in turn produces intend and well-equipped personnel to execute their mission. It gives them an upper hand compared to the criminals they fight on the ground

Confidentiality/privacy is one of the main strengths the intelligence agencies have over their counterparts. Because of their privacy with the missions or objectives that they have, they are able to enter criminal prone areas and fetch information, with no single alert, the kind of confidentiality in the agency is the instance that even most of the workers do not know each other. It promotes effectiveness and efficiency in their required obligations

Access to better weapons

With the financing from the government, the agencies are able to acquire the best equipment in the market, for example, new technology tools, like the advanced spying gadgets which always help them to have an advantage over the criminals in the fight.

Competition is also an important aspect among governments, intelligence agencies and also states. In order not to be outshined by the others the agencies tend to expand the room for improvement, which later on gives them a chance to better the wrongdoers in their scope of the specialty.


The intelligence community agencies are one of the best organizations to work for. These agencies offer different improvement plans for employees for the next phase of their occupations. Career paths and training roadmaps are implemented to identify the training, assignments and competencies, employees need to continue to expand their knowledge and progress in their careers. For instance, they offer intelligence universities which are open to their employees where they can earn a graduate certificate in Bachelor of Science in Intelligence, Science in Strategic Intelligence, or a Science in Technology Intelligence. There is also the intelligence community civilian joint duty program, which allows its employees to engage themselves in other intelligence organizations to expand their understanding and prepare them for higher levels of accountability. These careers also entail a better pay, job security compared to the co-operating the world, federal retirement plans, health and life insurance and paid time offs. Though with the advantages come the disadvantages, for example, most of the spy agents never settle as the assignments mostly last for 2 to 3 year, after which they are relocated to another assignments environment keeping a great separation with one's family. Also, the jobs handled by the employees are very critical and provide no room for error keeping them on caution always. Also there is no motivation to work as there is no supervision and one has to look after him/herself at the expense of other members. And the most effect on any individual is that you never get the chance to celebrate any achievement with anyone outside the agency, for security reasons. But for interested students in the file on intelligence the agencies are a better place to invest your career, with the fact that most of the agencies also provide internships, that gives an eye opener mostly to the basics of work done there and the diverse careers available.


Intelligence Community Agencies essay

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