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Case Study

Question 1

Based on the exhibits and the departmental results obtained, the molding department is the one that has the highest defects. This is followed by the melting department. Some of the problems that have caused the increased defects include problem in glass adhesion, overall downtime and layer separation; all of which are processes in the two identified departments. Therefore, these areas need increased and first hand attention than all the other areas.

Although the identified problems can be classified in terms of departments, the case study identifies one similar problem in all of the four departments; inexperienced supervisors. Earlier on, the company had operated with experienced supervisors who saw the successful completion of each phase. However, their departure left a gap in the three departments, which include the melting, molding and the finishing department. Therefore, the best way to solve all the problems associated with decreased yields and increased rejections should be dealt with at the same time by employing experienced supervisors.

Question 2

Based on the presented case, there is no doubt that Eric Davidson is hard working. In fact, his approach to his assignment can be explained as that of a leader, a quality manager, and an operations leader who is concerned with effective supply chain management. The named traits can be identified in different areas of operations. To start with, he is the M&E project team leader. Through his leadership skills, the team has gained the reputation of the best team that gets things done in any department. His management efficiency can be observed in many areas including in the words of his bosses who explain that he has the ability of getting things done. In addition, Eric Davidson is known for his belief in success as opposed to beliefs in failure. Eric Davidson capabilities have made him the perfect choice in all the important operations within the organization.

Online Case Study essay

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