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In order to get factual knowledge and to prove certain assumptions, researchers often use the scientific method. According to many researchers, this method is the best for examining and learning about the world because it lets reality give natural evidence which can be checked (Williamson, 2011). This method uses evidence which can be tested, measured or calculated; thus, it is possible to check the results of research and to apply it to different examples (Davies, 2007). This method allows generalizing many explorations and helps to explain the ways in which different processes happen. Scientific method consists of certain steps which help to get the best knowledge about the research topic. It uses both practical and theoretical approaches such as synthesis and analysis. At first, researchers need to ask a question since every discovery starts with a question of interest behind it.

Researchers need to think about something they want to find out about, and that is how they determine the direction of research. Then, they formulate the hypothesis which is a scientific assumption that needs to be proven. The third step requires examining the hypothesis by checking it, finding necessary evidence and proving it to be right or not. The last step includes generalizing the findings and making summaries. Thus, the question is answered, and hypothesis is explained.

The clip “Monty Python” includes important steps of scientific research. Firstly, there is a question which needs to be answered and proven based on the evidence. The people stated that certain woman is a witch while the official asks whether it is true. Then, the discussion starts about the possibilities of the woman to be a witch. Then, there is a search of the necessary information. The evidence used to prove this point was that she was dressed as a witch and that she turned a man into a newt (although he was not a newt anymore). Then, the crowd decides to test if the woman weighs the same as a duck; if she does she is a witch since she is made of wood. It is the hypothesis. Third step which includes testing and proving the evidence is done according to the eyeball-o-meter. The crowd then decides that woman is a witch which is the fourth step. There is no retesting, and the woman is falsely accused by unintelligent crowd. That is how the scientific method is used in this “research”. There is a question, information gathering, hypothesis, its testing and conclusion.

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Same Day essay

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