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I visited the Tampa Museum of Art during museum visits. Tampa Museum is situated Downtown Tampa Florida. Tampa Museum was established in the year 1979. However, the first time performance was in the year 2010 where they had a new construction alongside the Tampa’s Riverwalk in Hillsborough River, where its Tampa Museum of Art was initially. The initial edifice used as Tampa Museum of Art was squeezed and could not accommodate the museum’s materials it hard procured from varied origins. In the year 2006 however, both the management and the Tampa city solicited funds that were used to construct the new edifice. Tampa Museum of Art has an exhibition of a work of art named Norma Kamali. This exhibition is majorly about innovative fashions of the designer Norma Kamali. This exhibition is believed to be the greatest ever in this museum. It integrates fashion, art, and culture. The following paper explores my visit to the Tampa Museum of Art-Human Art Development.

Recent works in the museum include; American watercolors, drawings, and prints, contemporary art and Leo Katz collection of Atelier. The museum has both ancient and modern arts inform of photographs and sculptures. Some of the artist that were displayed in the museum included Carole Feuerman, Mackechnie gallery, “kiss and Tell,” and exterior Tampa Museum art features. The social angle portrayed in these art features was the classical world overview on fashion and prehistoric events in Tampa city. Some of these arts were American however, several arts from all over the world were equally displayed in this museum. The exhibitions in this museum were majorly on fashion, design, vegetation, progression in human beings and ancient animal work ranging from the prehistoric events to the contemporary world.

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First, the animals in ancient art attracted me especially the Mackechnie Gallery. Here the Lemonopolous Gallery was displayed. Equally, there was a collection of the functions and responsibilities of the ancient animals including the art and beliefs. In this exhibition, the nature of these animals was evident in this ancient art. Similarly, the close relationship between their historical events and activities were compared to the immediate vicinity activities for instance in pets and beast. Hybrid animals were also displayed to give a clear picture of their historical differences. These artifacts and artworks were gathered from the varied geographical location for comparison.

Secondly, the sculptures by artist Carole Feuerman caught my eye. They looked appealing and interesting to me. These sculptures were on the Tampa’s outdoor sculptures procured materials. In her work of swimmers series, there were sculptures showing the two different sexes swimming in introspective and meditative states. Carole Feuerman is popularly known and recognized for her responsive and thoughtful, artistic works. In The Golden Mean she made a 14-foot artistic work of a diver on an elevated position which is presently set up in Bretta B. Sullivan Terrace. The Monumental Dancer is her latest work commonly called dancing. Her artistic work demonstrates progression in human beings.

“Kiss and Tell” artistic work done by Wolfgang Flad was amazing. Wolfgang is a German based in Berlin as an artist. He owns several personal artistic works which are known in most of the United States museums and abroad. His procured materials are majorly in Germany, Switzerland, and the Europeans countries. Wolfgang uses initially developed sculptures to form a new artistic work with the evident close relationship between artistic work and nature. In this particular artistic work “Kiss and Tell,” there are thirty isolated wooden items suspended placed in a grid located in the Morsani Atrium. The thirty wooden items are covered with distinct types of paints and varnish and papier-mâché created from paper that is used in artistic work. In his work, Wolfgang changed the materials into organic figures and a cohesive built up of distinct parts bringing the memory of some of the trees or vegetations such artistic work initiated. Wolfgang artistic work has a close relationship with Giuseppe Penone work, “the hidden life within.” The Italian artistic equally used wooden items to give a revelation on sensitive plants in a broad piece of timber. Wolfgang artistic work portrays his likes on vegetation in Florida.

There were ongoing sculptures about the classical world. According to the records in the Museum, Tampa Museum has gathered artistic work for about thirty years from the classical world. These artistic works are on both the pre-historical sculptures and the current Roman downward movement. As a result of solicited funds from both the public and private sources, Tampa Museum has currently secured about 300 artistic works from the classical ancient. These ancient classical works have been arranged in a sequential manner. This gave me easy time to go through them without difficulties. I went through two galleries where the ancient artistic work was arranged in a chronological and cultural order. Personally, I came across the red and black figure pottery made in Greece and south Italy in the ancient period. Other sculptures like Jewells, coins and precious stones and metals were also present.

I identified Tampa Museum of Art because of its large collection of artistic works relevant for my course. I stay along Tyler Street. Therefore, I could easily access this museum compared to other artistic museums in the States. My passion in design, vegetation, and progression in human beings also played a role in my decision making. I had tried initially to figure out how progression in human beings would be portrayed in sculptures. I also wanted to see sculptures on flora and fauna and how they were presented in the museum. I later realized the museum had much more to offer than what I had thought. Tampa Museum of Art is one of the most interesting museums I have ever visited, and I feel everyone should pay it a visit. The museum current building is in itself scenery. From outside the museum, there are well-set LED lights that work at intervals. The construction is 45 feet height and 300 feet breadth pierced with double layers of aluminum with a hypnotic dance and light for the night. My stay in Tampa Museum of Art was wonderful I cannot hesitate in case of another opportunity to go back is presented to me. For students studying art at different levels of education, Tampa is the place to be for practical artistic study. The experience is real. In fact, it changes one’s perception on the detailed aspect of art. Moreover, the availability of varied content is encouraging.

I visited the museum on Friday 7th of October, twenty minutes to noon and I found quite some visitors to the museum. Because it was, an exhibition day I learnt a lot about the museum from the exhibition. Packing facilities were availed at a fee of 1.20 dollar per hour. Most of the visitors seemed interested in the displays that were availed in the exhibitions and the massive collection the museum had made since it was established. I realized that Tampa Museum offered more than artistic work. For instance, there was their shops and dining halls for visitors. According to one of the visitors Mr. Crayer, Tampa has some of the very ancient artistic works that are still appealing to date. The museum provides exhibition previews on specific open days where interested visitors can learn more about the ancient artistic works. On the second Sunday of each month, the museum offers talks of a specific artistic work. The museum provides gallery permissions at no cost. There are sessions for debate on current issues in the artistic world which are important to an upcoming artist in their profession.

My visit to Tampa Museum of Art is one of the achievements I have ever made in life. In the past, I have managed to visit traditional art museums. I, therefore, had no idea of how a scientific museum would look like, the sculptures of flora and fauna, human beings in progression, fashion, and design. Honestly, I had a lot in mind before visiting Tampa Museum of Art. Tampa Museum due to its scientific nature seemed more interesting and innovative in its artistic work. Unlike the national gallery of art in Washington, Tampa has innovative sculptures that require scientific thinking and reasoning. This museum is important for the scientist because it enhances scientific thinking in learners. I enjoyed visiting The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles before because I had no idea, there were several options in the world. Being science inclined I realized that scientific, artistic work was all I needed for artistic satisfaction. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles gave stirred the zeal in me for general artistic work, however, for creativity and critical thinking artwork scientific museums are the best. In essence, it gave me room to draw from my passion and aspirations. I feel secure to venture into arts. I believe it forms part of my future success.


Tampa Museum Of Art essay

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