Introduction to Sustainability essay

Over the years, the government has taken part in developing policies that will enhance sustainable practices. The purpose of such policies is to ensure that the country realizes sustainable development in many aspects of the economy. One of the policies developed to implement sustainable practices include the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990. The aim of this act included engaging the government, the public and  the private sector in ensuring that there is a reduction in pollution. This act had the ultimate purpose of ensuring that operations, production, as well as manufacture of goods, take place through sustainable methods (Fletcher 1). Under this act, there is a lot of emphasis on issues such as sustainable agriculture, as well as waste reduction in industries.  This act also places emphasis on the preservation of natural resources like  rivers, forests and lakes (Bearden 84). This act proposes that resources should not be depleted, but rather maintained for future generations.

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The implementation of the policy takes place at the local, state, as well as national levels of the United States government. At all these levels, the Congress has set a national policy in the country, which ensures that there is a reduction of pollution. The policy has had several benefits since it has contributed to the recycling of waste materials, especially with regard to some forms of pollution that cannot be prevented.  Another benefit of the policy is that it has reduced  pollution levels in most parts of the country. The policy has also been easy to implement, which means that most sectors of the economy have embraced the provisions of this policy (Steinway 869). Despite the numerous benefits of the policy, there have also been negative impacts associated with the policy. For example, assessing whether the policy is followed has proved challenging. As a result, it has become complicated to address issues of pollution comprehensively.


Introduction to Sustainability essay

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