Law Enforcement Ethics essay

Ethical behavior forms a crucial part of law enforcement; law enforcement officers should act ethically since they serve to protect people. In this regard, several measures have to be thoroughly considered in order to ensure law enforcement agencies act ethically when fulfilling their duties. One of the measures that can be implemented to ensure that law enforcement officers act ethically includes employing high standards while hiring police officers. High standards ensure that law enforcement agencies such as police officers exhibit appropriate ethical behavior while carrying out their duties. Upholding high standards should be a central element while hiring police officers since it ensures that they act competently. High standards should also be maintained while hiring workers in order to ensure that police all officers will not discriminate against other people or exceed their powers.  In addition, high standards ensure that policemen have the necessary knowledge required to serve their country.

The other factor that can ensure police officers act ethically includes introducing the minimum age of entry at 25 years. Such a policy will guarantee that the police and other law enforcement officers dispense their duties responsibly. Moreover, such policy introduction will ensure that law enforcement agencies uphold high values. At this age, they are versed in law and clearly understand their responsibilities. Raising the minimum age to 25 years also means that the workforce in law enforcement agencies will be comprised of mature candidates. This will provide high quality service among the law enforcement agencies. In addition, officers who are 25 or more years old have more experience of life and can make wise decisions.


Law enforcement officers can also operate ethically if they are involved in long training periods. When they graduate from the academy, law enforcement officers ought to spend some time with a field training officer. This will enable them to acquire the skills they need while carrying out their duties. Spending time with a field training officer allows police officers to adapt to the real life of police; consequently, it enhances their transition from the training in the academy to the daily life of police officers. Field training officers play an essential role since they guide rookie officers and help them understand their role in the society. In addition, the officers will learn about the ethical issues that relate to their duties.

Field training officers teach the police officers the ways of dealing with different situations, which may happen while carrying out their duties. As a result, the officers will have adequate knowledge of what they should do during their work. Spending time with field training officers also ensures that policemen become competent in their area of specialization. In order to develop necessary skills among the police officers of a certain area of specialization and allow them to act ethically, they should spend more time with field training officers.

Finally, the last measure that can be undertaken to ensure that law enforcement agencies act ethically includes ensuring that there are two-man patrol cars. This will ensure that police navigate an area in appropriate way since they are two. In addition, this will reduce the possibility of corruption since there will be two officers and each may find it challenging to accept a bribe when their partner is present. Two-man patrol cars will also reduce the fatigue that policemen experience when there is one officer on patrol. As a result, the officers will not be compromised by the citizens, which will prove that they uphold ethical behavior and values.


Law Enforcement Ethics essay

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