Davis Symphony Hall essay

This was a brilliant concert that took place at Davis Symphony Hall. Performances seen in the event were very enticing as they were made in an era where romantic affairs were common among those in the town. As a student of literature and music, having attended the meaningful event, it gave me an opportunity not only to enjoy myself but also make some literature discoveries. The event was marked and welcomed by all those who had attended it and thoroughly enjoyed the instruments and the music played.

Having attended the concert, I did not only want to be a passive music listener but an active participator in the concert. I could feel my participation in the concert. As with others who had turned up for the concert, we found ourselves actively participating in the concert. Considering the concert performances that were made by different groups and with the different music instruments, active participation was seen to be as a result of chord progression, meter changes, key changes, dynamic changes, orchestration and harmonic balance. Active listening was very crucial in such a concert as later I was able to explain the music played in the concert in depth.

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When Brahms got to stage to play his music, I found myself concentrating more than any other performances that were made in the concert. This was through his artistic nature that was evident in the music that was played. The performances were characterized by use of different phases in the concert including use of dialogues between the soloists and gestures. Having borrowed the gestures from orchestra, this was an awesome way of introducing the music play. According to music played by Brahms, unique way of introducing a performance is very important. With the wonderful storm that he was able to use to introduce his music, audience’s attention was easily captured.

On the other hand as a music student, environment of concert was another factor that made it a success. With the audience seats surrounding the stage and instruments placed just next to the stage made the hall be wholly marked that a music concert was going on.

Having have attended the concert, hall arrangement, instruments used and gesticulation as learnt from the concert are the key things that really attracts the attention of the audience. This also makes a concert enjoyable and enthusiastic.

Davis Symphony Hall essay

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