Human Development at the Adolescent Stage essay

Erikson and Marcia describe human development at the adolescent stage. This is a stage crucial for the well being of an individual as it defines how the person will behave in the future. It defines whether an individual will uphold independence and self reliance as a virtue crucial for personal growth. This essay critically and analytically looks into the idea of psychological reasoning, taking into considerations the various identity statuses, as well as the American history section as described in the guideline.

Personally, I do relate to the work described in the video clip. It is a clear definition of a youthful behavior. It cogently outlines the existence of the sense of curiosity in an individual undergoing the adolescent stage. At this stage, teens usually develop the sense of personal identity. As teens make a transition from childhood to adulthood, they usually begin to feel insecure or confused about themselves, as well as the way they feel about themselves within the society. In attempt to seek for the establishment of a sense of self, they experiment with several different roles, behaviors and activities (Marcia, 23). This is a crucial stage in life; without it an individual may experience confusion in the older stage interfering with the normal life activities.

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Based on the identity status, an individual is obliged to come to self understanding and do appropriate planning. Erickson affirms that the normative conflict that occurs during the adolescent stage is the opposition between the identity achievement and identity confusion. At the identity diffusion, an individual has not yet explored enough options and has a little curiosity. This is in relation to the answer given by the 16 year old interviewee who says that he wants to do anything he can do; there is no specification here. In other words, there are no options or curiosity seen by an individual at this level (Erickson, 29). Jared, the interviewee, says that he would like to perform as it has been his childhood dream. He also asserts that he is a democrat. Foreclosure identity status is when an individual does not make his or her decision on a given idea. He or she follows the ideas of his guardians or parents. Being a democrat in this case tells the reader that his family members are democrats too. His religion is also in line with that of the family members (Marcia, 45). Jodie, an interviewee, in the identity moratorium says that he likes to be a dancer though not sure with the decision as he wants to be a nurse too. As explained by Marcia, individuals at this stage usually experience conflicts and crisis in their decisions. Marcia states that at the achievement status, individuals make commitments that are vaguely defined. In the interview, Cedric wants to be a politician, yet in actual sense he lacks appropriate qualities to become a politician.

The United States has the greatest history on the slave trade. In some states like Maryland and Virginia, slavery was mainly practiced by the white farmers who needed cheap labor for their farms. In Maryland specifically, there were large tracks of land that was used for growing tobacco and later exported to European nations. It was considered an economic backbone for the people of this state. Most of these slaves were taken from Africa. The then American laws never allowed any kind of socialism or interaction of the slaves with the whites at similar levels. Any slave found out of the working areas was meant to undergo heavy punishment. Based on the history case, I would take humanity as an important aspect of me and allow the man in my barn. The law never considered humanity as an important aspect in its articles and subsections. The law is meant to protect human beings, so it would be inhuman to mistreat the Quaker from Maryland. Based on Frederick’s assertion, I personally think that these statements indeed made him an unpatriotic American as he failed to uphold equality and thought racism was a definite part of the American community. Disunion is an implication of that he upheld differences in the 1850, a period when slavery of Blacks in the US was at its peak. Patriotism is defined as someone’s love to his nation (Erickson, 37). One can never be considered patriotic if he or she encourages differences and discriminates against a particular section of the country.

Psychology is an important aspect of a community. It shows how people reason based on their attitudes against and in favor of an idea or a person. It helps in correcting undesirable behavioral practices within a society.


Human Development at the Adolescent Stage essay

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