Personal Brand essay

Personal branding is a way to promote individual characteristics and skills. Branding is an important differentiator on a marketplace. Brands surround people everywhere and help to be knowledgeable about choices in any area. For example, BMW cars are known to be durable and fast. Volvo cars are secure and comfortable. However, very little is known about our personal qualities and characteristics. Therefore, personal branding helps to create a unique set of skills and qualities a person possesses.

As for myself, I have arranged personal characteristics according to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengthens and weaknesses are known to be internal characteristics. Internal characteristics allow a person to be in charge of their own qualities and either develop or work on them. Opportunities and threats are external influences. External influences are chances and challenges that a person can face throughout life. A closer look on my own set of qualities can promote me for the future job or any other opportunities.

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Since I was little, my parents were the most influential people in my life. They taught me to be disciplined and determined. These characteristics I consider being my strengths. My parents pushed me to perform well in school, set clear and achievable goals. Since the time of my early childhood, I have changed very little. My friends know me as a responsible and disciplined person. Moreover, through my experiences I learn how to manage several tasks at the same time. I believe that balancing my hobbies and school has taught me excellent time management skills. It is an extremely helpful skill in the business world that I plan to be a part of one day. However, I have learnt that the business world does not always deal with honest manipulations. Therefore, I believe that my personal honesty can change things around a particular business to work in a more ethical manner.

As for my weaknesses, I believe it to be modern technologies that are changing the world today. So many new devices and technologies appear every day that it is difficult to manage the latest innovations. However, since I am a quick learner, my natural abilities allow me to get this skill in a short time. Also, among my personal weaknesses is math. Calculations and math tasks have always been a challenge for me; therefore, I rather rely on machine calculations or people who can help me with this task.

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As for external influences in my life, I see opportunities for myself in the area of business and volunteering. Therefore, my goal for the future is to own a place that helps people with disabilities. It has always been my passion to support others and empower them to overcome difficulties in their lives. My personal philosophy is to help others whenever I can. My hobbies include reading books, walking in the park, and traveling. It gives a lot of time on setting priorities in life. The time I spend on my own allows me to see how many people need care and support. Therefore, I see my opportunities in helping those who are in need.

Finally, external threats of my personal brand can be economic challenge to set up my plan of owning a business. I believe that I will need reliable and honest partner or investor who is very difficult to find. Besides, my personal dedication and values may be different from theirs. I am a very passionate and sensitive person, which itself is a challenge for me to handle. Therefore, the threat for me will be to put the whole energy into one area of my focus. It can be challenging to work full time on one business that is entirely your dream job and passion at the same time.

In conclusion, I believe that my unique set of skills and passions will become a differentiating factor in my life. My dreams and plans are directly related to my experiences and knowledge. I am strongly persuaded that my background can help me to be successful in the business world. Besides, friendly relationships with others are extremely important component of my life. Therefore, I believe that people who surround me are always there to help me on my way to my life goals.


Personal Brand essay

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