Personal Reflection on Teaching essay

Education is the process of sharing knowledge and experience with others. In order to be considered a highly skilled educator, every teacher should be constantly learning his or her subject as well. Only such teacher has real potential to pass on his knowledge and experience to others so that his or her followers are able to apply the gained knowledge in corresponding situations. Every teacher has own ideas on teaching methodology and the existing system of education. At the same time, critical thinking helps to single out the most essential aspects of education and the ones that have to be improved. 

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If I had a chance to improve education, I would work on the following aspects: integration, internationalization and general availability. Despite the fact that each of those issues is addressed within the existing educational framework, they still need improvement.

Integration of courses implies that the whole system of the existing topics and areas should be integrated with the purpose of enabling students to apply their knowledge in real-life situations. Many schools in the US practice this methodology; however, I would implement it at the international level making this type of methodology compulsory in all schools worldwide.

Internalization refers to the need to open borders of knowledge for all students from all over the world. As we are all trying to find the consensus in various scientific areas, revealing the information to the other countries’ representatives will allow achieving faster scientific results.

Finally, I would make all of the courses available to all students regardless of their social class and gender. There are some private schools that are quite closed. I would still organize some student exchange programs so that learners are aware of different education system. Thus, the aforementioned aspects should help to improve the general education process worldwide.  

Personal Reflection on Teaching essay

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