Application for Admission

The Texas A&M University is attracting many students due to its high academic level, services, religiousness, and numerous organizations and activities for students to take part in. One of the reasons why I am applying to the university is the fact that is making young people ready for the business challenges presented by a modern technology-driven workplace. Moreover, the university will equip me with deep technical skills to be used in constantly developing and changing world. I am sure that the Texas A&M University will definitely deepen my knowledge and develop new skills, providing me with an opportunity to innovate and make proper decisions.

The Texas A&M University has a long history and strong cultural value. The university system has one of the largest higher education systems and this fact attracts students from all over the world. The university will provide a reliable foundation on the main Management Information Systems areas. I will be happy to get an opportunity to understand the way different aspects of an organization fit together.


Evolution of technology, economic needs, and changes in the workplace make people establish their career goals. Planning is one of the essential things that is often neglected. A good career plan assists in following a desired career path. I believe that long-term goals are easily achieved through realization of short-term career objectives. I aim at removing all the possible obstacles that may stand on the way to my long-term career goals. In addition, I would like to get as much experience in Management Information Systems as possible. In order to become successful at work, it is necessary to acquire a variety of skills. I am going to infuse desire and integrity to get knowledge in all areas of my future profession. Hard work, strong career goals and desire to move up a career ladder. I understand that experience and proper education in information technology are the key factors that may help to advance to high positions. Therefore, I want to learn and develop.

I have chosen a major in Management Information Systems (MIS), as it is an extremely interesting study that combines awareness of people, organizations, technology, and relationships. I would like to assist companies in realizing maximum benefit from investment in equipment, business processes, and employees. This major will help me use technology to improve people’s lives.

Information systems are used in daily business life. Modern businesses focus on the MIS alignment with business goals to get a strong competitive advantage. My future work will presuppose collaboration with different team members and customers. Therefore, it is essential for me to be aware of the information security, exchange, and business process integration.

The MIS professionals have a number of career options to choose from, for example, business analyst, IT consultant, systems analyst, technical support specialist and many others. MIS program at the Texas A&M University resonates with my personal and professional needs. I am convinced that it will assist me in achieving future career goals. The program will prepare me for the highly competitive business world, solving technical issues and properly acting in an unpredictable economic environment.

I am interested in research and the university will provide me with an opportunity to take part in different research projects. I enjoy working with people, analyzing and solving problems, seek innovation, creativity, and effectiveness. The major in MIS will equip me with proper business skills and good technical foundation of information systems. I am sure that after earning a degree at the university, I will be able to work for a large company, where I get experience and improve my knowledge.

I am sure that the program will enable me to take part in team meetings, skill-building and career development workshops, fieldwork, and will positively influence my future career in the sphere of MIS. My professional needs and goals will be satisfied through meetings, seminars, presentations, workshops with business representatives. I have a clear career plan. Therefore, I know what I want to get from an education.

I am a creative, communicative, patient, and reliable person. In addition, I like learning new skills and seek constant improvement. That is why, I will be a good student with excellent collaborative skills. I will visit all the possible seminars, workshops and meetings to do my best to move up my future career ladder. When a person is eager to get some knowledge, skills and practices, nothing can prevent him/her from achieving the goal.

I work hard to develop my skills and improve my knowledge to successfully communicate, create, and innovate. I am motivated, ambitious, convinced, and ready to learn. Also, I am organized and attentive to details to contribute most to my future career. I have some skills of analytical thinking that help to solve problems. As a graduate, I will have excellent leadership skills, technical knowledge, and be ready to meet challenges presented by the constantly developing and evolving world of information technology.

The university has highly professional, qualified, and dedicated professors who will share their experience and skills to help me fulfill my goals. Curriculum options will influence my future career. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to apply to Texas A&M University. I hope that I will get a chance to study there. A major in MIS will equip me with deep knowledge regarding the design of business information systems, their implementation and use increasing company efficiency and effectiveness.