Hiring New Employees

While working for a company hiring new employees, there are several issues that I would take into consideration when evaluating their online activities. Some of the things that I would look for include Facebook posts, photos, as well as the profiles of the job applicants. Such things determine the character of the job applicant, and how suitable they are for the job they have applied. Facebook posts play a crucial role in determining the perspective of the job applicants, as well as their attitudes. The photos posted by the job applicants are crucial since they portray the activities of the applicants, and what they do during their free time. To me, a red flag would be posts and photos, which portray obscene behavior of the job applicant. I would also consider rude comments and arrogant posts by the job applicant as red flags. A positive sign would be Facebook posts, which present the job applicant as a responsible person.

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I can decline to hire a qualified applicant because of the posts, which may be in their online activity. This is because their private online activity may have an impact on their job performance. Applicants whose online activity is controversial may not perform well in the workplace, as they can extend this form of behavior to the workplace. As such, they may damage the reputation of the organization since other people view what they post. My cousin had an experience with his employer who examined his online activity. His employer used to check my cousin’s posts on Facebook and Twitter. When my cousin realized that his employer was checking his posts, he became cautious of what he posted henceforth. In addition, this encounter led to my cousin changing his Twitter and Facebook accounts. He changed his username so that his employer could not follow up on his posts.