How Does Committing Some Evil Acts Validate Good?

Thesis statement

Considering the Creation story and Noah’s ark story, evil must be committed for good results to other humankind. Evidence shows that evil validates good deeds, so humankind must first do evil for good of others.


Worshipping and honoring God are illustrated and promoted by the Bible. The creation story is vibrantly explored in the book of Genesis. Humankind was created on the sixth day bearing the image of God. God fashioned man out of dust and later on from man’s rib. Man said” Lastly this is flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bones, she will be a woman, for out of man, she was taken”. He formed a woman. Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden by God. This shows Gods goodness to mankind. In addition, they were supposed to procreate and enjoy world creation fully. God had a great purpose for a human being. The world may offer great chances though rules and regulations apply for success in it.

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Before, a good thing happens in life many hindrances come on the way for evil to occur. From the bible in the book of genesis, a serpent convinces Eve to take the fruits from the forbidden tree. Genesis 3:1, Satan asked the woman “What were you told by God, that you should never eat from trees in the garden”. Woman said “we should eat all trees apart from the one in the centre”. The serpent assured Eve that no suffering would follow as a result of taking the forbidden fruit. Serpent said to the woman “you shall not die when you eat the fruits from the tree, your eyes will be open more instead’. As per Gods creation Eve was Adams helper and, therefore, shared the forbidden fruit. What followed was remorse and shame between Adam and Eve as a result of their behavior. Later on God discovered their unfaithfulness and disobedience as he walked in the garden. He cursed the couple together with the serpent. Curses for both the couples were varied as Adam was to work and toil the ground in search of food. Similarly, Eve’s curse was to be submissive to the husband and have painful labor pains. God said to Eve ’because of your unfaithfulness, cursed are you and you animals; among your belly you shall go” Adam and Eve were eventually banished from the Garden of Eden. To Adam God said” For listening to your wife, you will never eat from the tree, you must toil for food” In the text, God deserves respect and honor, failure to this lead to humankind being exiled from Garden of Eden.

Life took another angle for Adam and Eve. God sent them to the world to begin working for themselves. They were blessed with two sons, Abel and Cain. Cain became a farmer and offered God portions of his farm products as sacrifices. On the other hand, Abel became a herdsman and offered God the fattest of his flock. Cain realized that God was more pleased with Abel than him, and in return he killed Abel. Humankind must commit evil in their daily lives. Evil committed is well known to God and is mainly planned for the good of humankind in future. God became angrier and sent Cain to exile in the east land of Eden. God created humankind with high levels of intelligences and options of exercising free will in their daily lives.

The Bible describes how humankind falls and rises. It describes the bitter consequences of not living a life according to the will of God. Mankind is created in God’s image, and failure to do what God wants leads to the fall, though the Bible has a lot of contradictions and inconsistent regarding free will. Rules must be followed so that mankind can live happily.

Almost all human beings believe in God’s power, and maximum protection and moral and cultural characteristics mounted in them.
God lamented on his creation and planned to destroy mankind completely. Contradicting the fact that mankind has the image of God, and how the same image can be destroyed by the creator. Though mankind continued being more evil as generations passed, a man full of God’s favor was there to save the world. Noah’s behavior was blameless, and God lit him with Favor. In addition, God promised to form a covenant between him and his family. God instructed Noah to build an ark to hold Noah’s family and all pairs of living things as the Lord was to destroy the earth with floods. God said” I will blot the earth for I am ashamed of the people I made”. The Bible is inconsistent in this statement as the Lord took seven days to create the world, and now he is here destroying the whole world again.

Immediately, after the Ark was finished and Noah’s family and animals entered it, God sent rain for forty days. The earth was submerged in flood for more than one hundred days. The Bible verse indicates that God has begun returning man back to the dust. The inconsistency and contradiction show the fact that man was created to honor and worship God, failure to do so would bring suffering. It is evident that God had a plan for man, and his failure would result in dire consequences of death. The Bible indirectly teaches and illustrates that we must do evil in order for a good result to happen. Finally, water recedes and God calls Noah from the Ark and regurgitates his covenant with him. Noah and his family discovers that the earth is once more very green and moist.

Genesis 9:1 God said to Noah “Be fruitful and multiply, Fill the universe”.God assures Noah that from the current lineage of fertility in the new land, all animals and Noah’s family would follow the same fertility. The Bible clearly illustrates in Noah’s story, though indirectly that for any good outcome throughout mankind evil must have been done. This is evident from Adam’s and Noah’s story in the Bible. Though God created mankind in his own image, he had the power to destroy him. God took seven days to create the world though he destroys the same world due to his people’s mistakes. The contradiction here is the fact that God loves for mankind faded when he disobeyed him. Meaning that for God to bless other people, mankind must do an evil for goodness to result. From the text, Noah’s blessing were due to evil committed by other mankind in the land.

Consequently, for blessing to be revealed to mankind God introduced rules to be honored. In the time of Noah, mankind had to put these rules in action as a sign of honoring God’s favor to Noah. As per the rules, man should not eat bloody meat. Inconsistency in the Bible is evident here. After creating mankind, God instructed him to enjoy and procreate but never take the fruits from the centre. How come he has introduced something, not in his line of creation? Nevertheless, mankind’s understanding of the rules has pleased God which resulted in blessings. Similarly, he stated that all murders must be killed too. The bible contradicts the whole issue once again: how come that the Lord is the controller of all the humankind and now he has given the responsibility to the fellow humans to kill the murders? Though he promised Noah never destroy the world again, Noah ends with him cursing his son who views his nakedness and spreads the news to the brothers. From the Bible, we are now sure that a little evil must be performed to get some good.

The story of creation contains many inconsistencies and contradiction as evident in the above paragraphs. Furthermore, there are lots of contracts and parallels in accordance with the mankind creation. Man is created from the image of God paralleling him with God while woman is made from a man’s rib. He made woman out of man so that the woman can do evil for the good of man.

Adam’s son Cain was deceptive and murdered his brother Abel. He was also very evasive while being questioned by God. From the Bible Cain’s character was inherit from his parents. This showed the characters originated from Adam and Eve. Cain is exiled from the Lord’s presence though he assures him of his protection from people’s wrath. This clearly shows that for a good deed to come as a result, an evil must be done. If only Cain did not kill his brother God would not have protected him from the people’s wrath, From the Bible in the story of Noah, God uses and applies physical objects to reveal his purposes to his people. Whereas, other Gods, i.e., Hebrew gods, are never described using physical objects. God communicates to the earth through his creation of the ground and manages all earth’s affairs through his symbolic meanings. Furthermore, the Greek Gods are also never depicted using symbols in communicating to the earth. According to the Bible, the ground was a symbol of Noah’s blessing from God. The fertility promised to Noah by God mirrored the plentiful quality and productive green earth.

Similarly, Gilgamesh was king in Uruk, who was a one-third of a man and two thirds of god. He was a cruel king who discriminated, exploited and raped women throughout his kingship. He once said” Am the strongest king and I can alter destiny”. Other gods were not happy with Gilgamesh and as a result, created another man – Enkidu. Harlot said to Enkidu” You are like a god” Enkidu lived in the wilderness having all sorts of evils with the animals. The two heroes, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, worked with god of earth, god of sun in fighting the monsters. As a result, all the gods met in a council and decided to kill Enkidu due to their transgressions. God created man and made death his share. The gods possessed death as a punishment for disrespect from Gilgamesh and Enkidu, similarly to Adam and Eve going against God’s will. From the Genesis, Noah’s ark story and now the Gilgamesh, it is clear that one person in a party must commit a crime or evil for the good of others.

Mankind has been offered intellectual capacity and unique forms of communication as contrasted to animals. Power from superior kings and beings are followed by mankind without hesitation as a sign of intellectual capacity. Similarly, the same way God created man to honor and worship him, the same way a superior being needs respect. In respect to the story of creation, man must know and understand his place and environment. Failure to do so would lead to punishment or even to death.

The Bible generates understanding to the people forcing them to animate a righteous life. From both, the Bible friendship pairs can lead to success of failure. God requested Noah’s entry with pairs of animals Adam was with Eve, and Gilgamesh was Enkidu. This parallelism shows that one partner in a friendship must commit a crime for the success or good of the other. Understanding the expectation of the world creates an enormous platform for success of failure.