Personal Statement

As I prepare to join the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I have certain goals and expectations, which I aspire to fulfill when I join the institute. My hobbies and interests entail a desire to study diverse aspects of fashion and marketing. Besides, I admire numerous designs and works of various designers. When I join FIDM, I will enhance my knowledge in the field of fashion and design. Besides, I will advance my career and gain insights on how to be innovative when designing. I have an unending interest in studying diverse aspects of design, especially those that relate to fashion and marketing. In this regard, studying at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising will enable me gain knowledge in marketing, and understand designs, as well as their markets.

I have decided to choose FIDM for a number of reasons. One main reason why I chose this institution is because it enables students to have a chance to develop their skills in fashion and marketing. Further, the course will give me an understanding of the global trends in the fashion and design markets. I have chosen FIDM because the institution offers diverse courses, which are relevant to the course I want to study. The courses offered by the institution will enable me have an understanding of both the local and international markets. As a result, I will be better positioned to engage in fashion and marketing at the global level. At FIDM, the curriculum is designed to allow students grasp many aspects of fashion and marketing. Therefore, studying at the institution will enable me have a comprehensive understanding of the program I want to study.

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I want to study at FIDM because the program is structured in an efficient way, which provides the necessary training for those wishing to be managers and leaders in the fashion industry. I am also prompted to study at the institution since the program offered by FIDM enables students to gain expertise and knowledge in managerial skills, especially those that align to the field of marketing. Studying at the institution will also give me an opportunity to gain professional practice in the field of marketing, as well as gain expertise on how to manage fashion markets. The program offered by FIDM is also structured in such a way as to enhance competency upon graduation. A student gains diverse experience by studying at the institution. I am interested in studying at FIDM since the institution has gained the reputation as one of the best colleges, which offers courses in fashion and marketing.

What appeals to me most about the major I consider undertaking is that it offers exposure, which helps the student to be well equipped in dealing with the needs of the industry. The major I intend to pursue is marketable, and students can make remarkable achievements upon graduating. I am also interested in the major because it falls under the field, which I consider the best in my career of fashion and design. The major will provide me with experience that will enable me navigate the job market with a lot of ease.

I have several goals and aspirations after graduating from FIDM. I intend to become a marketing manager who will deal with fashion and design products.  After graduating, I will look for a job in the fashion and design, as well as establish myself as one of the most reputable managers. I also intend to become a consultant in the field of fashion and design, especially on issues that relate to marketing. After graduating, I will further my career in fashion and design and seek employment with international organizations.