Research Proposal

The research proposal that I would like to present mainly focuses on glacial melting as the focal subject.Ideally, glacial melting has become a global issue and an area of concern due to the prevailing climatic changes (Carey, 2010 pp172). This is in view of supporting the provisions stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol which are aimed at reducing emissions in the atmosphere (Kyoto Protocol n.p).

Research objectives

The main objective of this research proposal is to find out the causes of glacial melting while the specific objectives extend to include the effects and solutions for glacial melting.

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Research question

The research question basically is aimed at finding whether melting of glaciers causes a slow rise in the sea level and death to creatures.

Rhetoric mode

The best rhetoric mode to be used in this research is the cause and effect where the sources and outcomes of glacial melting will be identified. This type of mode helps one to clearly understand glacial erosion and formulate ways of combating it.

Causes of glacial melting

Glacial melting is essentially caused by rise in temperature of the air that is usually around the glacier (Snook, Jim, 2008, pp 6). The increase in dust accumulation from the volcanic eruptions causes glacial melting because they encourage more sunlight to be absorbed increasing the surface temperatures which necessitate melting. The accumulation of toxic gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide that originate from burning fossils result to global warming encouraging glaciers to melt (Casper, 2010 pp 43).

Effects of glacial melting

Glacial melting results to rise in the sea level because water from that originates from the melting ice glaciers usually flow down to the sea (Gudrais, 2013 n.p). This makes the sea level to rise yielding to excessive flooding particularly along the coastal regions (Gordon, 2001 pp 67).
 Glacial melting is also associated with shortages of electricity, fresh water and agricultural output (Fujita,. et al, 2006, pp 16). In Antarctica and Arctic regions most animals, fishes and birds depend exclusively on the glaciers in order to survive. An increase in sea water temperature truly results to death of these creatures (Singh, and Singh, 2001 pp529).

Possible Solutions

It will be realized that glaciers play an important role in preventing global warming through deflection of sunlight hence regulating the temperatures on earth (Miller and Scott, 2012 pp 514).People solely depend on burning fossil fuels in order to support their lives although it increases global warming. To restore the glaciers therefore alternative energy sources should be used so as to reduce our carbon footprints. Some of the energy sources include use of solar panels, bio-fuels and electric car batteries (Koehn, 2010 pp 89-118). Recycling of wastes especially plastic materials instead of burning them can help in reducing the accumulation of toxic gases in the atmosphere that usually encourage global warming (Glacier Melting – YouTube, n.p). Stabilization of green house gas emissions, promotion of environmental awareness and environmental protection through planting of trees can help in preventing glacial melting (Daily Times, 12 June 2013).

Limitations Encountered In the Research

Most of the policies that entail carbon free energy industries do not work properly because for industries to produce they must pollute the environment. Green power is in most cases not available and cannot support for the high electricity demand required by large industries thereby necessitating the use of fossil fuels. Another challenge is the rapid growing population that has led to the destruction of the environment in search of settlement sites thereby increasing global warming.