The Mystery of Princess Dianas Death

The reason of Princess Dianas death remains a mystery even twenty years after the car crash that took her life. People who adored the famous princess still cannot believe that a notorious car accident was a mere coincidence. The genuine reason remains unknown that gives rise to the emergence of various theories and hypotheses concerning it. Some of them presuppose that Diana was murdered, others insist on the opposite. The aim of this paper is to discuss these two scenarios of the princesss death and touch upon some of their peculiarities.

Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash together with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their chauffeur. This catastrophe happened in Paris on the night of August 31, 1997. The official version affirms that the driver lost control over their Mercedes 280S and bumped into the support pillar of the Pont de l’Alma underpass. This huge car crash took the life of three passengers and severely injured Dianas bodyguard. Their seatbelts were not fastened that made them the victims in that terrible accident. British police add that Diana and Dodis car was followed by the paparazzi and the driver exceeded the speed limit in order to escape from the intrusive person. Moreover, some police representatives claim that the flashes from the paparazzos camera could blind the driver that contributed to the poor vision and, thus, led to that catastrophe. What aggravates the situation even more is that after the catastrophe the drivers blood was examined and the experts identified that he was drunk and the level of alcohol greatly exceeded the limit set in Britain. However, these facts look rather suspicious under the thorough consideration. If the chauffeur was obviously drunk and, thus, unable to drive a car, who let him to accompany the princess and her boyfriend to their hotel?

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Furthermore, it is rather illogical to avoid paparazzi on the road since near the hotel that was their destination, Diana and Dodi were expected to be met by journalists and paparazzi. Therefore, there was no need to escape from them. These questions remain unanswered.

These and many other facts make the official version of the car crash reason rather doubtful. Some people strongly believe that the car crash could be an assassination, and Diana was murdered. This idea is supported by the existence of the letter that the princess wrote to her butler Paul Burrell in which she expresses her suspicions concerning the tragedy that may occur. Diana claims that someone is going to kill her in a car accident and presupposes that it could be because of the manipulations with the car brakes. Diana wrote that letter 10 months before her tragic death and gave it to Paul who affirms that the purpose of writing and giving that letter to him was the so-called insurance policy in case if something wrong really happens to her. Some skeptics confirm that this letter proves Dianas paranoia so as she always was rather afraid to die in a car crash. However, judging from the horrible event, the diagnosis paranoia, seems rather doubtful. After the publishing of Dianas letter, the main suspicion was laid on the British government and military forces. However, some ordinary people admit that if Diana had anticipated her murder, she would have definitely fastened her seatbelt that perhaps could save her life. This petty detail makes one think whether Diana was careless or whether she wrote that letter at all. Dianas letter and her fear of possible death in a car crash helped develop another theory of Dianas death that has a lot to do with conspiracy and which is, in fact, greatly supported by Dodis father Mohammed Al Fayed. This Arab tycoon strongly believes that his son and Diana were assassinated in Paris. Al Fayed admitted that Diana told him about the sufferings and threats she had been experiencing for 20 years living in the royal family. Therefore, Al Fayed is considered to be an ardent proponent of a theory of conspiracy and endeavors to find the guilty in any way. Thus, taking into account the conceivable conspiracy involved in the case, one gets another vision on the events that happened that night. The couples Mercedes was rushing extremely fast at least 60 mph and at that time was purposely blocked by two cars Fiat Uno and Citroen. Then, there was a sudden flash of light that could blind the driver, thus disorientating him and making him lose control over the car. The source of light is believed to be the military-style flash gun that again points at the possible military forces involvement in the case. Some experts prove the relevance of this theory by appealing to the diagrams of tyre tracks which show the drivers attempt to escape from Fiat and Citroen by constantly changing the direction of movement to the left and to the right. Thus, the chauffeurs fervent steering subsequently led to the car accident. Nowadays, this theory is not considered as a relevant one because police claim there is not enough evidence that could enable them to make conclusions concerning the role of conspiracy in the case.

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Nevertheless, the theory of conspiracy has one powerful piece of evidence that cannot be regarded as invalid. As it was already mentioned, Diana wrote a letter in which she expressed her anxiety concerning her death in the car crash. However, it was not the only reason that motivated the whole conspiracy theory. There is another letter that influenced the investigation of the car crash and the development of the theory further on. The matter is that one of the soldiers of British Special Air Service, who was a sniper, in a conversation with his wife decided to boast that SAS (Special Air Service) was responsible for a great number of deaths. The death of Princess Diana was in that list as well. The soldier mentioned who was liable for the case and arranged the murder. His wifes parents addressed military authorities and then London police writing a letter to them that contained all the information concerning the issue they were aware of. Moreover, the letter included the detailed information about this soldiers personal life, divorce with his wife, and the characteristics of his attitude to his in-laws. It is interesting that before submitting the letter to the court, the SPA removed from it all conceivable references which could refer to the military and paramilitary force involvement in the case under consideration. At the same time, the Police Service investigated that newly-founded information about Dianas possible death and was checking it according to reliability and validity in real life. Subsequently, the involvement of military service in the case was not proved, and the case with the letter was covered up. Despite a lot of circumstantial evidence, the official investigation does not admit that the car crash can be viewed as premeditated murder and claims that there is still the lack of evidence in order to support this bold suggestion.

The possible scenarios of Dianas tragic death have been discussed; however, the purpose of the murder was not identified. As well as in the case with the ascertainment of the peculiarities of the car accidents, the answers to the question are bound to be different. There exists an idea that Princess Diana was murdered because of her charity work. During her life, she was a Patron of over 100 charities. However, her most considerable contribution was to the struggle with AIDS all over the world and her work with landmines. Concerning AIDS, Dianas contribution consisted not only in financial, but also emotional and educational support. She promoted AIDS awareness being the first celebrity who dared to touch the HIV/AIDS patients and take photographs with them. Perhaps, such a devoted attitude to the work and charity could serve as a hindrance on someones way. Furthermore, when Diana was dealing with the landmines, she earned rather negative feedback from the British government since because of her activity the usage of landmines was banned. Those lands were rather dangerous to use, and Diana struggled against their exploitation in spite of the frustration of government officials. Thus, the matter of the government participation in this murder turns out to be rather controversial.

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Other explanations of the reason of her murder cannot be viewed as authentic and fully true; however, they still exist and are believed by some people to be true. For instance, there is a hypothesis that her ex-husband Charles ordered her murder to the British agents and they carried it out. The reason why he decided to do that is explained very simply jealousy. He did not want Diana to marry her new boyfriend Dodi Fayed with whom she was reported to be engaged. However, this theory can be debunked since they split up, and they both had other lovers in what they publicly confessed. Therefore, there was no reasonable ground for Charles to hire British agents. Moreover, after the crash, it was found out that Princess Diana was not actually engaged with Dodi and respectively was not going to marry him.

Another theory suggests that it was Dianas royal family that ordered the murder. The theory was created by Dodis father who suspected that Dianas family did not want to be connected with Muslims. This hypothesis also implies that Princess Diana was pregnant from Dodi; therefore, such attitude of her family towards the conceivable connections with Muslims was only sharpened. Her pregnancy could mean for the royal family the mixture of blood and the Muslim strain into their bloodline. Therefore, they decided to get rid of Diana, and the problem with the purity of blood was solved. This theory again was underpinned by Dodis father who stated that Diana had told him about her pregnancy. However, this theory does not sound reasonable to believe in. The main fact that proves the vanity of this theory is the results of Dianas postmortem examination. The colonel John Burton witnessed her postmortem and said that Diana was not pregnant. The examination proved the same; therefore, there was no need for the royal family to kill her. The thing that she was not going to marry Dodi serves as an additional fact that her family did not have any essential reasons to order this murder. Thus, this theory seems to be completely irrelevant.

The most bold and incredible theory that aims to explain the reasons of the car crash implies that Diana and her boyfriend Dodi could fake their murder in order to start a totally new life and get rid of the drawbacks of popularity. In those times, Diana was supposed to be one of the most haunted people in the world; therefore, it would not be surprising that, maybe, she could think of the escape from all this intrusive public life. When Diana was alive, she claimed that she used to feel alone despite huge popularity. She often experienced betrayals and misunderstanding. No doubt, it could not be that simple to leave the royalty and start a new calm life somewhere with her man. Hence, some believers claim that she could venture to fulfill her dream in the reality. The car crash could be just a fake that enabled her and Dodi to escape from public gaze and settle down somewhere in the USA. Since she was afraid of the threats which endangered her life and was scared by the perspective to die in a car crash, Diana could make up her mind concerning the escape from the world. However, this theory cannot be viewed as relevant and reliable because of the lack of evidence that could prove its credibility. It resembles more the idea of a fiction book and seems to be dreamt up with the help of bright imagination.

To conclude, one should admit that the mystery of Princess Dianas death is a controversial issue to dwell upon. Regardless the numerous attempts to discover the truth and valid facts relating to the car crash, the consensus will not be reached because of the period of time that passed after that accident. It goes without saying that a lot of facts and evidence were lost over these 20 years after the horrible event. Moreover, the variety of theories makes it practically impossible to find a plausible one that could explain everything and be the most relevant to the case. In these theories, the truth is connected with lie, and it is difficult now to differentiate between them correctly. The most reliable variant is that the car crash did not result from the conspiracy plans of the government or Dianas family, but from the mere fatal coincidence. The world loved the princess very much; therefore, people wanted to blame someone for her early departure. It is rather likely that this desire to blame someone caused diverse opinions on her death in which people can blame whoever they are eager to. Therefore, any of the versions of Dianas death cannot be taken as the most accurate.