Video Games

The rising technological developments in the PC electronics and information engineering have had theatrical impact on the overall entertainment industry worldwide.  The introduction of these advanced technologies has created rational, first persona video games achievable. This phenomenon has directed to too many infiltrations in the entire gaming industry.  On the other hand, the same technology has actually been responsible for subjecting children to conspicuously pragmatic and brutal themes and images in visualized video games.

In present day and era, there seems to be a developing trend in the Americas youth which is basically gradually becoming more and more aggressive/violent.   This had raised tremendous concerns for such characters and aspects in the society which are responsible for influencing the youth into taking up violent activities and it has actually become a big issue because of the disaster at Columbine High School which occurred on 20th April, 1999.   Numerous people feel that one feature of today’s civilization which is affecting our country’s youth in a harmful way is the usage of video games.  

Has this type of entertainment actually become a major aspect in increasing youngster’s hostility?   I suppose not.   Video gaming is not responsible for amplified teen violence in the country. With respect to an article written by Cesarone (2000) entitled Video Games and Children,mentioned that since 1970s, many parents have apparently been setting their kids antecedent to televisions along with allowing them to squander away numerous hours while participating in video gaming.  Therefore, as a national rush and technological advancements in aggressive entertainment raises, so the same does the inception of vicious video games.

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A main alarm about the brutal video games emanates from the virtuousness of a youngster.   The current media straightforwardly influences kids and teenagers.   Children usually trance of becoming proficient athletes from merely watching their desired sports celebrities on television.   Moreover, advertisement agencies reinforce this yearning with adverts containing catchphrases such like, “like James, love James, if I can be like James” while referring to Lebron James.   Nevertheless, the media doesn’t seem to be concerned whether the kids could get fatally injured from creating that mental picture and delusions of becoming a sportsperson.   In actuality, the majority of youths are persuaded to move out often and practice while playing so as to acquire what they wish for in their future life.

For various reasons however, video gaming is absolutely approached in a different way.   The mentality or rather mental pictorials created by these games is not actually a factual life state of affairs, although Quittner (1999) who wrote an article on “Are Video Games really so Bad” stated the thought of a parent’s youngster managing an electronically created character in a video game whose main purpose is to rob automobiles and at the same time kill law enforcement officers is communally dangerous. Some researchers have revealed that children actually do not have fantasies of carrying out these things. Youngsters do recognize that homicide is ethically bad.   Seemingly, everybody has ethics implanted in them genetically; but they only have to be reinforced in the course of parental guidance.

Therefore it is of importance to look on the impact of video gaming by the young generation so as to come up with a clear picture on the issue of video games. Many people believe that all sorts of games are really good for skill and brain development especially in growing children. The practice also teaches the player on how to become an excellent team player. Amongst the varieties of entertainment avenues in youngsters, video gaming is the trendiest one.  However, the manner in which video game entertainment is used currently; it is supposed to be a chief cause for the surge in crime development in the country. Countless kids and teenagers spend massive quantities of time while playing them.

The Video gaming outlet is in fact a multibillion money industry, and it recorded as bringing in extra money into the nation than even DVDs and movies (Rishe 2011). Over time, video interfaced games have developed into being very realistic and sophisticated at the same time due to major advancements in technology. A number of games need to be connected to the World Wide Web so as to play them, and this allows kids and youngsters to participate online with anonymous peers and adults who could corrupt the youngsters’ mind since its young and vulnerable to manipulation.

Whereas quite a number of the video games are enlightening or rather educational to the youngsters but the majority of these games are connected to hostility activities like gunfire games, and more so those games which portray glamorization, extreme violence, and graphical sex. More despicably there are as well video games which show racism. For instance, there occurred controversy on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City video game which made it fall under condemnation, for involving supposedly racist hatred crimes.

Numerous students across U.S. spend their time while playing all these never ending video games and it is noted as the sole basis for the worsening of their scholastic performance. Kids and youngsters once they initiate the video games, they completely forget every other task and this has made them think less towards academic perfection and focus more on video gaming and beating their friends. Some researchers suppose that whilst playing cruel video games, there are numerous psychological acts which lead to an individual assuming aggressive character.

There are more so biological manipulations that affect an individual’s choices and with respect to Thomas A. Kooijmans (2004)an individual who is physically predisposed to hostility will happen to be more stoutly influenced by cruel scenes and consequently will possess a bigger threat for performing destructive actions. Kids and teenagers can seemingly become excessively involved and infatuated with video interfaced games and this makes them get less and less time for physical work outs thus jeopardizing their general health.