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Philosophy of Education

My philosophy of education is a reflection of my own beliefs, values and experiences. During the educational process, my philosophy has evolved from the beginning of my M.Ed. Program coursework to now. My training and experience ensures me that students need special attention from teachers in order to succeed in their study. Discovering my philosophy of education encourages me to think about the concepts I use and the reasons for certain thoughts and opinions (Bailey, 2010).

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Admittedly, I have found out that it is important to understand each student’s values and beliefs no matter of their gender, race and IQ. I believe that the educational process requires special care and stimulating atmosphere. Having a positive attitude in life ensures me that I am a happy and self-sufficient person who is able to treat each individual with respect in order to help him/her to grow not only intellectually but also emotionally and socially. As an educator, a person should create such an environment where students can develop their talents and potential (Pring, 2004). Actually, each individual is supposed to be talented in different spheres of life. It is important for a teacher to help students to discover their talents and potential. To my mind, only supportive and friendly environment can help students grow emotionally and intellectually. Noddings (2010) observes that the role of a teacher is to direct students in order for them to be valuable professionals in the future. As a rule, people appreciate those who treat them with respect and dignity. When helping students to develop their potential, a teacher should maintain a secure environment where they can easily share their ideas.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that my philosophy of education really helps me to achieve my goals and improve my character. I believe that every individual brings something unique in the world.


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