How to Write a Synthesis Essay: A Useful Guide

In case you have no ideas concerning how to write a synthesis essay, you may refer to our professional academic writing company for help and support. So, let us commence with clear explanations regarding what a synthesis essay is.

What Is a Synthesis Essay?

Synthesis concerns the collection of necessary information or data from a wide range of sources and put it together in one content. There are various sources of information / data concerning different themes, for example, in literature. Some of the most common sources of data or information comprise articles, books, journals, newspapers, or magazines. There are also numerous non-written sources, including lectures, interviews, or observations. Synthesizing implies extensive research on the chosen topic. Thus, as a writer, you should understand all the ways various sources that bring out the concept, then combine them together, and come up with convincing writing for your future readers.

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To cope with the synthesis questions, you should find out how to compose a clear summary of the concepts without neglecting the leading point behind. In order to be capable of coming up with a detailed summary you should write down the points in the list from the sources that you have managed to read, then apply good sentences so as to link the needed points. In completing a synthesizing essay of yours, you are supposed to always have the purpose for the essay in your mind so that you cannot fall out of the topic while discussing it. Try to maintain a nice and decent flow of your essay. Consider that the purpose of your essay will determine the needed sources that you will apply for the outline of the essay.

There exist two types of synthesis that you ought to be aware and classify your essay before competing it so that you follow the format of the essay.

  • Explanatory synthesis - in this type of the synthesis essay, the main aim is to educate the readers on the topic chosen. The writer is to sub-divide the topic into certain components and then bring out the content in a clear and understandable manner. The explanatory essay makes emphasis on the descriptions to bring the scene to the readers’ minds. There are no opinions or arguments given in such an essay format as it is supposed to rely on the facts only.
  • Argumentative synthesis - the key objective of this essay is to provide your consideration regarding a specific point and then support it with certain pieces of evidence.

Below are a few of the standards to apply in your synthesis essay in case you would like to find out how to write a synthesis essay.

  • You ought always to support your considerations, claims, or points of view applying your sources. The majority of the writers perform it the other way, which it is not the case. Consider that you should state your consideration first and then provide a supporting sentence indicating the source used.
  • The essay should be capable of creating a dialogue between your ideas provided on paper and the sources utilized in research. Keep in mind that there always ought to be a dialogue form of presentation of each proposition to improve the essay flow. You may also create a specific dialogue between the sources by means comparison of their content. Numerous sources can have various context on an idea, and as a writer, you have to be capable of comparing the two, as well as to bring the readers to a stand concerning the theme under discussion.
  • Ensure that you do understand your future readers. You ought to be able to get to know the future readers of your essay and utilize a tone that may be convincing to all of them. The key aim of a synthesis essay is to educate the future readers of yours about a specific topic, and for you to succeed in achieving this goal, you should utilize persuasive language.
  • The organization of your essay is determined by how you prefer to plan your paragraphs in the main body. You ought to place every point into its specific paragraph. At the start of every paragraph, apply a topic sentence so as to introduce the readers to the key idea in the paragraph, and then connect it to the thesis statement. A paragraph should always be of a certain length. Consider that a standard paragraph should comprise about five sentences. You should understand how to commence your synthesis essay, after the indicated title, you should commence working on the introduction of the essay. The introduction should constitute a brief background of the topic chosen and raise the readers’ suspense. The readers should be very anticipated to read through all body paragraphs of yours; thus, to attract the readers, you may bring out your topic by means of a question, which is left unanswered. In your introduction paragraph, you ought to include a clear thesis statement so as to cover up the main body points to the future readers. Your thesis statement is to be clear, brief, and coherent. A transition is of key priority while composing a synthesis essay; you ought to utilize different transition words in your synthesis essay in order to link your introduction, main body, as well as conclusion. Good and unique transition can assist your points in flowing very smoothly into the minds of the readers.
  • Utilize good language and tone in your synthesis essay. The word choice is of great significance depending on your future readers. You should not avoid using too much of words in your work as it makes the readers feel bored because it is difficult to comprehend writing. It is advised that you should utilize simple English in order to improve the content clarity.
  • Proper choice of your synthesis essay title. You are supposed to choose perfect descriptive words for your title so that your future readers can be attracted to your piece of writing. There are various ways of the creation of suspense in the title; you can prefer to put your chosen title in the question form so that the future readers are attracted to find a clear answer to it.

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Definition of a Synthesis Essay

A definition in writing of various types of essays is of great significance because you may not write on what you are not aware of, as it is not possible. To define a synthesis essay, you should be well conversant with various sources of information, as to synthesize does not simply imply relating contents of these sources based on a specific topic or idea. There are a few steps to stick to before commencing your essay that include the following:

  • Comprehending the prompts - You are to brainstorm on the topic in general and then formulate your ideas. You should take into consideration the needs of your essay so that when you think of your ideas, they follow essay necessities.
  • Develop a clear thesis statement - this statement depends on the ideas that come first whenever you brood on your topic. It is recommended that you may rewrite your thesis statement after analyzing the sources utilized in your essay.
  • Choosing relevant sources - after decide what you need in terms of the topic chosen, you may select the sources that could be utilized for your research. Consider that you ought to choose the relevant sources so that the future readers may be convinced by the written content that you will be able to present them in a clear way. Some of the sources may turn out to be unreliable and thus unworthy of applying in your thorough research. Utilize credible and reliable sources so as to support each of the claims regarding the topic.
  • Close reading is recommended after choosing all the sources needed. You should read through all the sources available and take brief notes on the key ideas indicated. The evaluation of the sources is supposed to be the final step. Take into account that at this very point, you are supposed to justify whether or not to apply a source depending on the info that it can contribute towards your topic chosen.

Possible Topics That You Can Use in order to Compose a Decent Synthesis Essay of Yours

There is a great variety of topics for synthesis essay that you may apply to create your own piece of writing. Some of the topics that you can be suggested may include the following:

  • Global Warming and Its negative Effects
  • Video Games Addiction
  • Modern technology and Its Impact of the Field of Education
  • How to Earning Money Applying the Internet

If you do not still clearly grasp the info concerning how to write a synthesis essay, you are always welcome at our professional academic writing company.

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