The following article looks at the different writing styles and offers tips for improving these.

Is your current style overly-sophisticated?

If your vocabulary is deep and rich and you use complex, compound sentences, this style can challenge readers who read website content and emails quickly. Here are some tactics you can use:

Is your current writing style too formal and cautious?

This style will need to be adapted when writing informal texts. For example, blogs, articles for newsletters, and the majority of presentations need a style that an audience can personally connect with. Here is some advice:

Is your current style too informal?

Of all the different writing styles, an informal style is not suitable for, say, proposal writing or report writing. If your style is not formal enough, ignore the tips in point 2 above. Try these instead:

Is your current style concise?

When considering the various types of writing styles, it is undoubtedly a virtue to be concise in almost every case when writing for business. However, there can be an abrupt feel to concise writing. Here are some tips to add warmth:

Is your current style too wordy?

To understand this writing style definition i.e. the wordy style, it is true that the conversational style can be successful when writing fiction or when creativity is needed for some other purpose. However, this style is not suitable for business documents because these often require communication to be concise and efficient. The following are a few tips for when you want a text to sound concise:

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Is your current style dry?

People whose essay writing styles are dry are usually those who are very factual and good with figures. However, this style may sometimes need to be enriched so that it is more persuasive and compelling. Try the following tips:

Is your current style very analytical?

An analytical style is a good essay style for business. However, the majority of business writing should focus on actions and getting things done. Here are a few tips for changing analytical writing to application:

Is your current style very friendly?

A friendly tone is not necessarily appropriate in every case. For instance, the tone needs to be formal when writing to important people, refuting a claim, and so on. You may find the tips in point 3 helpful as well as these: