Typically, a book review evaluates newly written texts. It provides a short description of the main points and usually a brief evaluation of a work’s strong and weak points.

Sometimes, people get confused between reviews and reports. However, the two types of writing are not the same. A report describes the plot or happenings in a book where the main focus is providing an overview of the central plot and/or theme and the characters. Book reports are often given as assignments at K-12 level and they range in length from 250-500 words. Please refer to PrimeEssay.org’s website for more information on writing book reports. 

On the other hand, a book review is usually a college-level assignment, but they are also common in professional life, e.g., in scholarly journals, newspapers, and magazines. Typically, reviews range in length from 500 words to 700 words but they can be shorter or longer. Book reviews give a sneak preview of a particular book, whether the writer liked it or not, and information on how to buy it. 

What to Do Before Reading a Book

Before starting to read a book for review purposes, think about what needs to be covered. The tips below should help:

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Type of assignment
Number of pages
Writer level

Things to Bear in Mind When Reading

When reading, give some thought to the structure of your book review i.e. how best to present any background information or the summary section. Make notes about the book, e.g., its main points, themes and characters:

Points to Consider When You Are Ready to Begin Writing

Start with a brief summary of the book or provide some background information to it. A lot of reviews focus on the first few chapters or take the reader to the developing action. When reviewing non-fictional works, writers tend to describe the main point without going into much detail. 

The last part of a book review should present the reviewer’s opinion. Once you reach this stage, keep the following points in mind:   

Final Revision

The following are a few points to consider when finalising your review: