Personal essay

A good personal essay is the one, which incorporates valuable ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It is personal, meaning that it enables the paper writer to express himself in writing. When you are writing a personal essay, you always use the first person. In this type of custom writing, you explore the topic provided by your professor from a personal perspective, while providing illustrations and personal observations from your own life to support your argument. With the help of a personal essay, you can better understand your own personality, abilities, and skills, while showing these capabilities and skills to others. In many instances, personal essays are similar to other types of formal academic essay writing in the sense that they also need to follow the five-paragraph structure. Moreover, in a personal essay, personal bias is acceptable and understandable. Many students experience problems with preparing their personal essays, but many of these problems can be easily solved with the help and support of a distinguished paper writing service.

Overall, your personal essay can be up to four pages long. Yet, the exact requirements also depend on what your professor wants to see in your work. If your lecturer does not set any limit on how long your personal essay should be, then you are expected to be a wise paper writer and make it as brief as possible. Just make sure you include as many useful points as needed to make your paper clear and interesting to the reader.


Unlike other types of academic works, you are not expected to be fully objective, when you are writing a personal essay. Actually, one of the distinguishing points of writing a personal essay is the use of your own opinion, ideas and thoughts. All you are expected to do is to share your frank thoughts and honest examples from your life. As such, feel free to use the word combinations, such as "I think"; "I am confident"; etc. Writing a personal essay does not always mean writing about anything you want. In most cases, you must revolve around a specific topic or answer a specific question, based on your personal vision of the problem.

Effective Tips on How to Write a good Essay

When you are given a task to write an essay, your main objective should be representing your own ideas. You are free to select a certain aspect that is of interest to you and presents your personal point of view. Please check out our five ideas that will help you cope with your essay writing:

Destroy the boundaries in your head

Your task is to let your mind explore different states such as conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. It will help you get to know your mind better and discover new abilities that were unknown to you previously. Try to be true to yourself and avoid exaggerations since they will only distort the facts. Remember that you need to present information in a descriptive manner without glorification. 

Be patient and allow new ideas to appear in your mind

You have to keep calm in order to generate new ideas. You have to be innovative but this state cannot be forced. It can be reached only in a natural way during the relaxation. Innovative ideas will help you catch readers’ attention. In addition, you can put yourself on the reader’s place and think what you want to read and what interests you the most. When you feel like a reader, you will be able to understand the target audience and critically evaluate your work.

Reread and make changes until you feel everything is right

Do not be lazy and reread your work for a couple of times. After you are done with the writing part, reread your essay. Then proofread it accurately. Do not mix rereading with proofreading because it should be done separately. If you find too long sentences, paraphrase them and make them shorter. 

Feel your presence in your writing

During the reading, try to feel your presence in the words you wrote. It is essential for the reader to comprehend that this essay represents your personal perception of life and your experience is reflected in it.

Use examples

If you feel like adding examples will make your essay more unique, feel free to do so. Readers will receive an opportunity to better understand the ideas and experience described in the essay.

So, if you have read our tips till the end, you understand that writing an essay can be an interesting occupation. Now, you know how to create original essays that will earn you high grades at college.