Talking on a cell phone, smoking, or other improper activities done while driving not only cause the accidents, but also lead to more tragic consequences such as the death of passengers or drivers. The essay will highlight the dangerous habits of drivers.
Bad habits do not appear immediately, especially when the driver just sat behind the wheel, but take some time. When drivers get more experience, habits become an ordinary thing for them. Many of nowadays drivers have dangerous driving habits, especially teen drivers that use phones while driving, not respecting pedestrians in the crosswalks; drunk drivers that are under the influence of drugs; too fast driving without slowing down when passing through humps and not blowing horns when it is necessary. Moreover, there are too many unskilled drivers.

Breaking the habits is not easy because habits stick as “leeches.” However, it will take a lot of efforts and patience to get rid of the vulnerable and permanent enemies, and people must do it in advance so that bad habits do not lead to bad consequences.

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American drivers need to refresh their driving skills. Some of them do not know about primary rules when driving. It is believed that concern for pedestrian is one of the most dangerous habits. They often do not want to stop when they see pedestrians or pretend that they do not know that the latter have the right of way at the crosswalk. Other activities that are considered to be distracting and dangerous include doing or fixing the makeup, changing clothes and reading, chatting or texting, as well as selecting songs on iPods.

Experienced drivers think they already know a lot and cannot become more attentive to their habits. They can speed up wherever they want just to get more attention or be superior. Drivers forget that the movement is constantly changing and they needs to choose the appropriate speed according to their own experience.

Overtaking cars or changing the lanes in the corners is always dangerous. It is a bad habit that can lead to bad consequences. Sometimes drivers like to drive up close to the trucks, but sometimes forget that because of it he or she will not see the road, and the sudden decision to overtake can bring bad consequences. Therefore, drivers need to keep certain distance from the trucks and do not only look forward. Another common habit when driving is ignoring the central mirror. Even if they think that the left and right mirrors are enough, drivers should not forget that there are cars behind which do not always keep their distance.

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Another bad habit is waving and showing gestures. Drivers should not forget that they are in the car, and even if they see a person to talk with, they must look on the road and get used to speak without gestures. As for the driver’s seat and the steering wheel, the driver must not forget that the management of the steering wheel has to be correct. In fact, often drivers can turn a wheel only with one hand.

Women have their own bad habits when they are driving. They cannot just focus on one thing; they can do a lot of things during the time of driving. For example, they can use a lipstick or nail polish, read a book, write, look around, as well as use uncomfortable shoes and clothes for driving.

Unfortunately, nowadays only few drivers follow the basic rules of driving. Many people forget about focusing on the road. Very often the cause of accidents are talking on a cell phone or smoking at the time of driving. Assessing the seriousness of this situation, the government is trying to deal with bad habits of drivers by changing the system of fines. If people notice any bad habit, they need to “grab” it and “throw away” as quickly as possible; it will provide them with security and confidence on the road.

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