UA Government Essay Topics

Each student should be well aware of his or her country, as well as governmental issues and authorities. For the following reason, many professors and teachers often request their students to prepare different pieces of academic or custom writing on one of the US government essay topics. However, in order to obtain high marks or scores for such a piece of writing, students should choose interesting and up-to-date topics. Therefore, we have completed a list of outstanding topics that you can utilize for your essay on the USA and other related issues.

Sometimes such a step can become a complicated and back-breaking task for many students, who cannot easily come up with novel ideas. Our company and experts would like to simplify this work for you and have prepared this list of novel topics for your further consideration.

Such suggestions can provide numerous ideas for future writing tasks such as coursework, research papers, capstone projects, compare-and-contrast papers, and different types of essay papers. Look through the following US government essay topics in order to settle upon the most suitable one.

  • Pros and cons of representative democracy vs. direct democracy.
  • What are your considerations on the following: The democratic decision-making process should comprise all fields of life, including governmental authorities, system of education, workplaces, etc.
  • Compare & contrast the District of Columbia plans. Provide your explanations concerning how they can influence other US states.
  • What was meant by Thomas Jefferson quote, "The tree of liberty should be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots?" Should this statement be applied to the current situation in the USA and other parts of the world?
  • Compare & contrast conditions and mandates of aid concerning the federal relationship of the government with other US states. For instance, what ways has the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) been delivering necessary support to the states that have faced different types of disasters and other issues?
  • Ought separate states to have less or more power than the federal government while implementing the on the legalization of abortion, marijuana, or human cloning?
  • Present the program that could engage more people to participate in future local or presidential elections within the country.
  • What are the threats of gerrymandering whenever it concerns presidential elections or other types of voting?
  • Compare a contrast the leading political parties in the USA. What policies, laws, or initiatives have they prepared for the elections in the future?
  • Should big corporations and companies be treated as those who must be allowed to donate or support to political elections? Consider the 2010 Citizens United vs. the FEC ruling on such an issue. Provide your opinion.
  • Explain the leading roles of social media in engaging interest groups that have become stronger as the key political parties have become a bit weaker in the USA.
  • Provide explanations why the media has been referred to as the fourth branch of power in every country. Support your position with vivid examples.
  • Compare & contrast the campaigns of the US House of Representatives and Senate candidates.
  • Should term limits be implemented for the members of the US Congress? Please indicate your position.
  • Should the members of the US Congress keep to the will of those people who have elected them? Give your reasons.
  • Provide explanations how executive laws have been utilized by the presidents throughout the US history. What is the role of the executive laws issued and implemented by the current US President?
  • Which of the rights that are guaranteed by the First and Fourth Amendments do you consider the most significant? Please explicate your point of view.
  • Should any educational establishment in the USA be required to obtain a warrant before commence any search in the students’ property? Provide your point of view.
  • Why has the Equal Rights Amendment failed? What kind of supportive campaign could be applied to have it accepted and put in practice?
  • Provide explanations how the 14th Amendment has influenced civil liberties since the time of its implementation at the end of the Civil War in the USA.
  • What are your considerations concerning whether the federal government of the USA has too much, not enough, or just the needed amount of power? Provide your pieces of evidence.
  • The Accountability of the US Government in the Mr. Padilla Case
  • Success of the Democratic Ideas in the US Government and the Congress
  • Comparison, analysis and assessment of representative and direct democracy.
  • The modifications or changes in the US Constitution that you would like to suggest and implement.
  • The power and responsibilities of separate states if compared with those by the federal government.
  • Reasons to support and vote for the candidate who will not win the future presidential election.
  • Key sources aimed at supporting political campaigns in the USA.
  • Should media be considered the leading power and control in the USA?
  • Comparison and analysis of the senators’ campaigns within the last decade.
  • Members of the US Congress should follow the will of the voters who elected them.
  • The use of executive privilege by different presidents throughout the history of the USA.
  • The most powerful branch of the US government.
  • The most significant rights guaranteed by the US First Amendment.
  • The amount of control that the federal government should possess?
  • The reasons not to rely to polling questions during the elections of the president.
  • What role does the US Government play in the economy of the country?
  • What policies and laws does the USA have that affect the unequal wealth and income distribution?
  • What role does the US President play in the economy of the country?
  • What roles does the US President have in the market economy of the country?
  • What issues have the US Federal Government been facing for last decades?
  • The USA and its position in terms of the Fascist Governments in the past.
  • The US Government and its key principles of ruling the country.
  • Compare & contrast the Systems of the US Government and US President.
  • What effect has religion had on the USA and its citizens?
  • What control has the United States of America has in equality? How has the USA been contributing to equality? Dwell on the most significant values kept to by the US authorities and citizens.

Tips for Paper Preparation

These are up-to-date, decent and outstanding US government essay topics for any type of writing. However, a fascinating topic is not enough to compose a paper of supreme quality. Below are some practical tips that could help you in your paper preparation:

  • Conduct thorough research.
    • Whenever you have chosen your topic, you should carry out research. It is essential to know different nuances of the topic chosen if you would like to present proper and decent arguments, as well as find effective support.
  • Take into consideration your future readers.
    • You should always consider that some of your future readers could be well aware of the chosen topic. Ensure to explain some of the problematic terms. Avoid utilizing too many abbreviations.
  • Proofread and edit your piece of writing.

You are recommended to proofread and edit your piece of writing if you want to gain the highest grade or score.