Top Tips for Writing a Good Thesis Proposal

A lot of students spend a considerable amount of time attending workshops where they hope to learn the art of writing good thesis proposals. However, many of these fail to get the process kick-started. Often, the student feels more confused after attending these workshops than they did beforehand.  

Sometimes, taking a look at some samples of thesis proposals for various disciplines can give students a few ideas, but they often do not provide the incentive to start writing. There is a good book by J Bruce Francis called A Step by Step Guide to Dissertation and Thesis Proposal Writing that may motivate you to get started. The following are some of the main suggestions from this book, which is now out of print. 


Before getting started, here is a good proposal writing tip:

You should generally write a proposal using a combination of both the present tense and the future tense. By contrast, you should always write a thesis paper itself in the past tense. 

The tips provided below assume a topic has already been chosen.  

The Main Ingredients of a Good Thesis Proposal

The introductory section (approximately one to two pages)

Write a statement concerning the problem

Give some background information

State the purpose of your proposal

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Emphasise the importance of your work

Write a literature review chapter

Write a section on your methodology

Develop your research hypotheses

Mention any assumptions you have made

Explain any terms you have used

Describe any procedures used

Project limitations and scope

Long-term consequences

Steps to Gain the Thesis Proposal

1st step
Fill out the order form.

2st step
Make a payment in a suitable way.

3st step
Communicate with writer.

4st step
Get your thesis proposal completed.

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