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Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Refund Application

Provided you submit your application within two weeks of the deadline passing, you can ask to have part or all of the cost of your order returned. Claims concerning plagiarism are not subject to these or any other time constraints. Our company will, however, ask for concrete evidence, which usually means a trustworthy plagiarism report, as proof that we are liable.

Please note: is considered a trustworthy plagiarism reporting system as are its partner websites (WriteCheck, iThenticate and so on)., however, is not considered trustworthy since its reports are often inaccurate in the way they highlight plagiarism. Likewise, hand-produced notes are not deemed to be solid proof.

  1. We are sometimes asked to complete papers a customer started. However, the only sections we analyze for originality are those we work on, which means we cannot be held accountable for any plagiarism in the parts competed by the customer.
  2. In cases where a customer feels dissatisfied with their order, their concerns will be thoroughly analyzed and reported on in a four-day timeframe. A full or part refund will be forthcoming where complaints are found to be reasonable.


  1. As long as the customer contacts us within two days of a deadline passing, their papers can be revised on a no-cost basis. Once this period has elapsed, we may need a new order. Where our writers provide revisions without additional compensation, the customer will not be entitled to ask for a refund on that order in the future.
  2. Papers comprised of twenty pages or more will be revised free-of-charge for up to thirty days past the deadline.
  3. Where a customer changes their original instructions, free revisions can no longer be offered. In addition to this, a new order may be required if critical materials and/or information are not provided on time.
  4. A revised deadline should be established if you use our free revision offer. Some revisions can take a day to turn around, but a great deal depends on the complexity of the task and if an order proves difficult to reassign. Rest assured, though, that our company does everything possible to deliver every order by the agreed deadline.
  5. Our agents may, on occasion, need to contact you, which means emailing you or posting messages to your personal account. Therefore, we ask that you are diligent about checking your messages and replying to them. While people often neglect to include crucial order materials at the outset, you are solely responsible for ensuring all necessary details are sent to us at the time of ordering or at a later time if requested.
  6. While placing the order, a client may select a new option, namely “Extended Revision.” It will cost only 30% of the whole order price. Under such conditions free revision service will be provided during 14 days. All revisions have to be in compliance with the original requirements. In case a client does not request revision, money for the “Extended Revision” service is not returned.

A Full Refund

  1. We may return the full price of your order if, by mistake, you placed a duplicate order or if we made the mistake of double charging you. You may cancel rogue orders by getting in touch with our support personnel.
  2. We will return the full price of any order we cannot find a writer for.
  3. If we refund the full order price, you should not use any content provided towards that order.

A Partial Refund

  1. We may offer to refund a percentage of the order price if you mistakenly did not specify the right length of paper on the order form.
  2. We may offer to refund a percentage of the order price if you mistakenly did not choose the right academic or writing level on the order form.     
  3. We will consider issuing a partial refund where an order description contains discrepancies.    
  4. Order cancellations (after writing projects are assigned):

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

Please Note: Where a deadline still has 30% remaining, cancellation will not be possible. The same applies where a writer has been assigned to a project, has completed it and/or uploaded it.

Late Verification

  1. Customers may be asked for identity verification by our Finance team, an option we sometimes use to confirm the customer is the person they claim to be and for the prevention of online scams and/or fraud. Where confirmation is late, the respective deadline begins when the appropriate proof is received. In cases of lateness, the customer can try to negotiate an extension to their deadline or submit a compensatory order if there is any urgency.

Word Count Issues

  1. Order length is based on word count and on the premise that the number of words in each page is 300. Papers of the technical variety are excluded from this calculation due to the fact they mostly contain figures. Hence, the price is calculated according to the level of complexity.       
  2. Presentation notes (speaker notes). Any customer who requests speaker notes will be provided with 100 – 150 words of notes for each slide.
  3. We use a separate method for calculating the price of assignments involving online (or web) tests. Whether the questions are multiple-choice or other types, we assume five questions per page and then the total number of questions. Hence, a ten-question assignment equates to a two-page order.


  1. Faster or earlier delivery will be subject to an appropriate price adjustment. Hence, this price difference may require an additional compensatory order. Should our writer agree to early delivery for no extra payment, further refunds cannot be considered.
  2. If we do not deliver your order on time and without agreeing an extended deadline, we will refund at least some of your money.

Order Type

  1. Please ensure you select the correct assignment type, e.g., “Term Paper,” “Review,” “Essay,” etc.
  2. Rewriting involves rephrasing or rewording a text. We will only ask for an additional order if you require extra words, research, sources, or any feature that resembles new content.
  3. Please monitor your messages for communication from us. It is important you respond in a timely manner, especially if approval or feedback is needed from you.

All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing, editing, proofreading, rewriting, formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.