Key Features of an Essay Assignment

Essays are short pieces of writing based on a specific topic. There are a number of different types of essays such as persuasive, narrative, explanatory, expository, descriptive, analytical, and argumentative, essays.      

At, we use a standard style of formatting in essay writing. This means either nine (9) pages maximum in single spacing or nineteen (19) pages maximum in double spacing. In the event your order is bigger than this, you may need to choose a different assignment type such as a:

Research paper
In its basic form, a standard essay is comprised of:
A cover or title page
An introductory paragraph
A few body paragraphs
A concluding paragraph
Citation or reference pages

Key Features of a Term Paper Assignment

As a course nears completion, students are usually required to submit a term paper. Assignments of this type are meant to demonstrate what the student has understood about a given subject. These papers are different from research papers in that there is no need for any or much research. In common with a number of other academic assignments, a term paper should have a central idea or point, and this is generally placed towards the end of the introductory paragraph.        

Key Features of a Research Paper Assignment

In order to produce good-quality research papers, the writer should use only the most credible source material. This ensures that any data or information provided about the topic is trustworthy and reliable. Moreover, it is important you know how and where to gather any source materials you need and that you know how to analyse and organize these so that your final paper is completely and properly written. It is essential to allow enough time if you are to produce a high-quality paper because your written work should be based on concrete facts and not rhetoric. The main purposes of a research paper are to:

  • Provide readers with any findings or results from previous research work in a particular field
  • Help the writer use any information, data and/or arguments they gather to support their viewpoint or position.
In its basic form, a research paper is comprised of the following:
  • Cover or title page (no additional cost)
  • Introductory paragraph with literature review
  • Overview of the techniques or methods used to conduct any research
  • Analysis of collected information
  • Presentation of research results or findings
  • Discussion section
  • Concluding paragraph
  • Citation or reference page(s) (free-of-charge).
Please note that not every research paper needs all of the parts listed above. In every case, it is important to follow any instructions a professor provides. This is the best way of ensuring a good-quality paper that has all the parts that are required.

Key Features of a Book Report Assignment  

Book reports are pieces of writing that fully analyse a particular book. Presented from a distinctive point of view, book reports are similar to book reviews. However, a report sums up a particular book while a review evaluates its content. If you are asked to write a book report, it is vital that you discuss the central thesis as well as the main idea, the plot, and the characters in the book.     

Key Features of a Film or Book Review Assignment

The first thing to understand is that film and book reviews are not the same as summaries. Their purpose is to analyse a particular film or book in a critical manner. To produce a high-quality review, you will need to draw on your best analytical and writing skills.   

In its basic form, a film or book review is comprised of the following:

  • The film or book’s title, the name of the director or author and the names of the key actors/actresses. 
  • A short paragraph that sums up the plot, e.g., a brief discussion about the central theme or problem.
  • The main body of the review. Here, the writer should provide a commentary on the film or book they are reviewing. They should also say whether they think their readers should watch a particular film or read a particular book.    

Key Features of Coursework Assignments

The term ‘coursework’ covers a number of different types of assignments such as essays, reports, term papers, etc. Students are often given coursework assignments during the term and closer to its end. Assignments like these are meant to show how much of the material covered in lectures and classes has been understood by students and how well they are able to put forward their opinions on this material.    

Key Features of Online Test Assignments

At, we calculate the size of an online test on the basis of the number of test questions, e.g., five questions per page or 300 words per page for quiz assignments. Costs are calculated accordingly. Regardless of whether your test involves multi-choice questions or those of the “true” or “false” variety, this rule applies. Thus, you should place a 2-page order for a 10-question assignment.    

Online test-takers are sometimes asked to type the answers into the test system. Hence, to work out order size, it will be necessary to estimate the amount of words for the answers. If, for example, a test is made up of twenty questions, you will need to place a four-page order. 

Question and Answer Test Assignments

Questions of the “closed” variety: Answer questions in “short” form.
Questions of the “cloze” variety: These questions require participants to fill in gaps in a written piece.
Questions of the “connecting” variety: This involves connecting words with opposite meanings.  
“Correction” questions: This involves correcting errors in sentences.
“Fill the gaps” type questions: This involves filling in gaps to make full sentences.
Questions of the multiple-choice variety: In these tests, participants are required to select the correct words to make full sentences.
“Open” questions: This involves writing “full” answers to the provided questions.
“Transformation” questions: This involves rewriting or altering one set of sentences to match the meaning of another set.
“True” or “false” questions: Indicate whether a statement is true or untrue.

Calculating Orders for Multiple-Choice Style Question

Calculate these orders on the assumption of 5 questions per page.

Key Features of a Thesis or Dissertation Paper

In its basic form, a thesis or dissertation has the following structure:

Cover or title page
Acknowledgements section
Table or list of contents
Record or list of figures and/or tables
Introductory chapter
Literature review
Methods chapter
Concluding paragraph
Reference page(s) or bibliography
Appendix or appendices
Glossary or index
Please let our writer know about any specific guidelines your professor provides. Depending on your instructions, various chapters may need to be included or omitted.     

Professional Editing and Proofreading Service

The editing service offered by includes the checking and correction of:
  • Acronyms
  • Active and passive voice
  • Abbreviations
  • Capitalization, including grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Citations
  • Copyright pages
  • Cover or title pages
  • Cross references
  • Endnotes
  • Figures
  • Flow
  • Footers
  • Footnotes
  • Formatting
  • General sentence structure
  • General (overall) essay structure
  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Headers
  • Inappropriate, improper or incorrect use of words
  • Italicized text
  • Lists
  • Margins
  • Numbering
  • Outlines
  • Redundancy
  • References – accuracy and general correctness
  • Run-on sentences
  • Specific terms/terminology
  • Style – language and writing
  • Tables and table headings
  • Tables of content
  • Transitional words and phrases
  • Word clarity
  • Writing accuracy
The proofreading assistance provided by includes:
  • Errors identification and correction
  • Checking that sentences are constructed correctly
  • Text formatting
Research and writing are not included in the above services.
The rewriting assistance we provide covers:
  • The paraphrasing of part or full texts and the adding of new or extra material where required.
  • The correction of errors e.g. in punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • The checking of formatting and other style elements.
  • Making sure sentences are constructed correctly.

The Formatting Assistance We Offer

When customers ask us to review their paper’s formatting, we double-check that the relevant style – e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. – is applied appropriately. NB: This aspect of our service does not cover spelling or grammar checks or corrections.       

Assistance with Excel Spreadsheet Files

These assignments are generally based on calculation tasks, mathematical-type tasks, equation solving, and the like. Please note that an extra fee may be applied to these orders, but much depends on the assignment’s complexity level.       

Assistance with PowerPoint Presentations

We calculate the cost of PowerPoint presentations on the basis of the number of slides the customer requires. We can additionally provide between 100 words and 150 words of speakers’ notes if required and when selected on the order form.  

Help with Case Study Writing

Writing a case study involves looking at a particular problem, analysing it, recommending various solutions, and choosing the best or most appropriate solution(s). Furthermore, the writer’s viewpoint should be supported with strong arguments.  

A case study usually comprises of:   
Introductory section
Background information
Solid facts
Different options
Detailed analysis
Any personal experience the writer has that may be relevant
Potential solution(s)

Provision of Drafts can provide a draft of your paper when 50% of the deadline is reached. This will allow you to check that we are adhering to your instructions.  

Summary Papers

We can provide a 1-page summary of your paper when delivering your order. These are usually sent as separate attachments.     

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