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In your academic life, you will probably need to write a business essay. Any student, who had been working on such an assignment can assure you that creating a good-looking business essay is not an easy task to do. To cope with this task successfully, you will need to work with researchable, precise, and accurate data. The first thing that may make students get stuck is the topic choice. The list of business essay topics is endless as this is a broad field of study. To write a great essay and enjoy the writing process, you should select the right subject. By choosing a boring, standard, or too complicated topic, you will probably fail your project.

This article aims to help you figure out what business-related subjects are worth your attention. Our argumentative business essay topics will help you develop compelling and insightful arguments creating papers that may impress the most demanding educators. But before you start working on your paper, we want you to consider the following points:

Study the essay question properly

First and foremost, you need to have a look at the question provided by your tutor and try to understand what exactly should be done. Pay close attention to the keywords and specific terms that will help you organize the working process in an appropriate way. For example, you may be asked to describe, analyze, interpret, compare, review, examine, etc. Your essay should combine both theoretical and practical knowledge. If you manage to understand the task properly, you will find it easier to handle it.

To get a good grade for your paper, you will need to follow the professor’s guidelines thoroughly developing your topic from different perspectives. In particular, you will need to provide solid arguments and support them with appropriate details. If you are allowed to choose a question for your paper, you need to pick up a subject you are passionate about. This strategy will make the writing process comfortable and enjoyable for you. Please, note that your topic should not be too broad as you need to tackle one single idea from different angles to convince your target audience that you know it well.

Research your topic properly

When it comes to writing a business essay, in-depth research is critical. To develop strong arguments, you will need to study the topic-related sources. Pay attention that all sources should be accurate, credible, and peer-reviewed. What is more, they should be up-to-date as irrelevant ideas will compromise the quality of your essay. Also, you can get some information for your paper by conducting marketing research and engaging real participants. For this purpose, you will need to create a survey that will help you obtain the necessary information. By managing to organize your work properly, you will get notes that will help you produce a high-quality paper. Just keep in mind that all sources you use in your work should be carefully cited. Otherwise, you may be accused of plagiarism. Thus, you need to include in-text citations in accordance with the business essay format indicated by your professor and include a bibliography page that will include the publication information about your sources;

Make up an outline

As soon as you are done with both choosing a topic and researching, you need to come up with an outline that will include all the points you are going to discuss in your paper. A good outline will help you arrange your ideas in a logical order skipping irrelevant information. If you got stuck on the outlining stage, we strongly recommend you get in touch with our business essay writing service. Having many years of experience, our writers have plenty of intriguing ideas, which help them create top-notch papers.

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How to Write a Business Essay: Efficient Tips

Now that you have chosen a good topic and collected interesting ideas for your paper, you may start working on it. If you are lacking appropriate writing experience, you will definitely take advantage of studying our efficient tips provided below:

  • Create a strong thesis statement. You need to figure out the central point of your essay. Look through your outline and formulate a thought-provoking statement. For example, if you are exploring the topic of leadership and its relation to company performance, your thesis statement can be written as follows, “The leadership style affects business performance in accordance with the individual strategic vision.” A thesis statement should appear at the end of your introduction;
  • Write the main body of your paper. In this part, you are supposed to explain, evaluate, analyze, and interpret the topic following the specific guidelines provided by your tutor. The main body should be divided into several paragraphs. Each of them should uncover a single point;
  • Create an introduction. When the main body of your paper is written, you will need to write an introductory part. It is easier to write this part when the main body is done as it will help you make your introduction look focused and clear. A good introduction should include a hook, sufficient background information explaining the topic, and a thesis statement;
  • Finalize your paper. When your paper is written, you will need to summarize it wrapping up the discussion. Pay attention that the final part should not include new information but it should reinforce your thesis statement with the help of the points discussed in your paper;
  • Polish your paper. Even if you are an experienced business essay writer and believe that your paper contains no mistakes, we strongly recommend that you review it thoroughly. Your professor won’t be able to put a good grade for your paper if it contains many careless mistakes. Thus, you need to read your paper aloud several times to make sure it is free from logical inconsistencies and grammatical flaws;
  • Check on the format. In your prompt, you will find a citation style that should be followed in your paper. It can be APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other style. Your task is to make sure your essay follows the requested style as it is a very important part of your grading rubric. To make sure the formatting of your paper is fine, you need to double-check your citations, reference list, overall layout, etc. By citing all the sources used in your paper properly, you save yourself from plagiarism.

As you can see, business essay writing isn’t easy. However, by following our guidelines and adding creativity to the writing process, you will be able to write a high-quality paper that will bring you the anticipated outcome.

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Great Business Essay Topics

The markets are developing incredibly fast and it is very important to stay in touch with all the trends and tendencies. In this regard, picking up an appropriate subject can be a challenging task. A good topic for an essay on business is always relevant, clear, and engaging. It should grab the attention of your readers making them study your ideas. We know that many students are struggling with writing their essays as they get stuck on choosing interesting business essay topics. If you are one of them, you can have a look at some ideas collected in our list:

  1. Discuss the effective instruments of crisis management in organizations;
  2. Analyze the problems and advantages of mutual funds;
  3. Investigate the relationship between wages and employee productivity;
  4. Provide an analysis of social responsibilities;
  5. How to calculate business risks?
  6. Analyze the main advantages of organizations owned by families;
  7. Conflict management and its characteristic features;
  8. Discuss the efficient instruments for investigating consumer behavior;
  9. In what way does tourism growth influence the local economy?
  10. How to manage risks under pressure?
  11. What are the instruments and mechanisms of Black Friday?
  12. Analyze the main qualities of a successful leader;
  13. Evaluate the main business languages;
  14. Discuss the relations between moral conduct and decision-making;
  15. Is franchising really a smart solution?
  16. Discuss online advertising and explain its popularity;
  17. Business in the era of COVID 19. How to overcome the crisis?
  18. Change management and its characteristic features;
  19. How to make advertising efficient?
  20. Analyze the relationships between production and demand;
  21. Discuss start-ups and their role in the local economy;
  22. Offshore companies and taxation laws;
  23. Analyze the most effective team-building strategies;
  24. How to conduct business in the digital world?
  25. Discuss the role of stakeholders in reaching success;
  26. Financial management versus strategic management;
  27. Analyze the main stages of project scheduling;
  28. How to manage organizational behavior?
  29. Discuss trademark infringement and its possible effects;
  30. What are the main disadvantages of strategic management???
  31. Organizational survival and efficient time management. Are they related?
  32. Discuss the role of ethical mistakes in business bankruptcy;
  33. What are the best countries to invest in 2021?
  34. What are the instruments for customer satisfaction and retention?
  35. The role of globalization in the small-scale industries;
  36. Discuss the main challenges faced by remote employees;
  37. How does business relate to ethnicity and race?
  38. Workplace case studies;
  39. Explore the history of the economic thought;
  40. Innovation management and its features;
  41. Managerial economics and self-educated entrepreneurs;
  42. Analyze the problems of unethical business settings;
  43. Modern theories of management economies;
  44. Ethics of the management versus ethics of employees;
  45. Is it important to be honest in the workplace?
  46. Real-estates and their economies;
  47. Analyze the brand awareness and its key advantages;
  48. What are the main instruments of strategic management in the retail industry?
  49. The main principles of profit maximization;
  50. Discuss the importance of the company’s rituals in the corporate culture;
  51. How to minimize and resolve conflicts in a family business;
  52. Analyze the global copyright laws;
  53. A case study on corruption;
  54. Computer-mediated communication in business;
  55. Various cultural heritage. A business management essay;
  56. How to prevent employees from joining rival companies?
  57. International competition and how to survive it?
  58. Outsourcing a workforce. Main benefits and shortcomings;
  59. Organizational environmental pollution and its business perspective;
  60. Discuss the relationship between the unemployment rate and immigration;
  61. Leadership transformation in the business field;
  62. Copyright laws and their impact on business;
  63. Business and globalization;
  64. Prospective defense;
  65. Analyze different business ethics laws.


All in all, we know that starting a business essay can be difficult as this assignment requires appropriate knowledge and writing proficiency. Besides, to handle this task, you should be aware of the common standards and conventions of business writing. These papers are very effort-consuming as they require thorough research and good planning. We assure you that by following our suggestions, you will create a perfect business school essay.

If you want to enjoy the writing process and explore specific business principles in detail, you need to work on interesting topics. When you are lacking ideas for writing your essay, you should have a look at our list and pick up the ones that match your research interests.

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