Article critique writing is required in most higher education institutions. Article critique is writing a criticism on an article that was written by an author. Then writing about the positive and negative aspects of the article based on the point of view of the student who has critique papers.

Article writing entails the developing of a review writing that holds the attention of the reader and attempts to get the reader to share the writing. It involves creating written information related to different professions. This is usually not an easy job, so choosing the highest quality article may be your best option.

Critical thinking is the main key to effective article critique writing. The aim of every writer of this type of paper is to persuade the readers in correctness of his or her point of view. So, in order find solid arguments, the writer has to be a very good researcher and distinguish weak facts from the strong ones. He/ she has also possess professional critical thinking skills in order to choose real facts instead of fiction.

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Article Critique Writing Tips

Despite the fact that the writing concept is really simple, a lot of college students have no idea how to write article critique correctly. In many cases instructors do not provide additional consultations on the writing process. That is why students decide to simply read the chosen article and write something similar to article discussion using critique. Well. From one side such a decision is correct. However, article critique writing is a bit more challenging than a student might expect. Prior to getting further, let us provide you with explanation what should be provide in a good article critique:

  • So, avoid just summarizing major points presented in the chosen article because your task is to critique them. Most students make a common mistake here by providing a general summary of the read article. For your information, every journal article already has its own summary and it is not what your professor wants to receive from you. They expect to find out your own point of view and read your unique discussion. 
  • Another important aspect is that you need support your own impressions with evidence and real facts.
  • Moreover, you have to identify the major idea of the chosen article alongside with clarifying its purpose and background.
  • In many cases you need to focus on the raised problems and issues that the article avoids to discuss.

Since we have described the definition of article critique writing, let us talk about ways of critiquing an article. Unfortunately, a lot of students cannot cope with this assignment successfully, and tend to simply summarize the article. They ignore personal approach and forget to challenge their personal critical thinking skills and writing abilities. It is really easy to make these typical mistakes when you need to critique an article. Common mistakes students make:

  • Applying only negative critique. Despite the fact that the major objective is to provide article analysis, it is important to include positive impression and features in your critique;
  • Too much background information should be avoided. Usually most readers are aware of the article and its content or who wrote it. That is why it is recommended not to use excessive background information in your critique so as not to make it boring and uninteresting for the readers;
  • Avoiding to provide the major argument. Students usually tend to forget about main argument and provide article summary instead. However, you should remember that main argument is crucial for your paper and it is important to mention it right at the beginning of your work so that everyone knows your personal position on the discussed subject.
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APA Format in an Article Critique Paper

APA format refers to one of the most commonly used styles in article critique papers. It has particular guidelines and rules. Make sure you apply double spacing in your work, use a2 point font and proper margins. Provide cover/ title page, write an abstract, Introduction, then main body and conclusion. Do not forget to provide the list of used sources in the end on a separate page. Provide paper title and your personal data on a cover page. Use author, date order in the in-text citations. When you decide to provide direct quotes, you need to indicate author’s name, publication date and page number.

Rest assured that instructors pay their attention not only to the paper content but also to the way it is formatted. That is why we recommend you to be careful when formatting the paper. Use our tips to provide a quality paper and impress your instructor/ professor.

A high school, college, university, Master’s, or a Ph.D. student may have the requirement of writing an article on an argumentative research paper that has been given to them. These papers are mostly written in the form of example article critique. Writing a critique can provide many challenges and can entail the writer to have to look over research article critique papers of another writer. This does require consistency, accurateness and experience. Many people can’t do this so they get a unique article which is sometimes the only way to go. In order for this to happen, one may need to buy a unique article from dependable article writers. Our company is known to deliver extraordinary article writing services to our clients that live all around the world. The services we do provide are high in quality since our original article writers are mostly multi-lingual and they write articles that are error free. Our original paper writers have amazing research and writing skills.

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