If you want to get an internship opportunity, you should be ready that your potential employer will request not only for a resume and reference letters, but also for a cover letter. A well-written cover letter is one of the most efficient methods of persuading an employer to choose you as the most suitable candidate and demonstrate your experience, skills, and relevant knowledge.p;

It is a matter of crucial importance to learn how to write a cover letter for an internship, and our guidance will be of invaluable help for you. If you still need more sources that can provide you with inspiration, there are a lot of samples online that can give you general understanding of the structure and formatting of a cover letter.

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Writing Cover Letters for Internship: Useful Help

The efficiency of a cover letter is determined by how well it highlights relevant knowledge, expertise, and skills to show that there is no better candidate for a position. The main purpose of a cover letter is to capture the attention of a potential employer to encourage him or her to review further documents and your resume. If you are interested in your successful accomplishment of the set goal to get an internship position, you are recommended to make sure that your cover letter meets the following criteria.

Format of a Business Letter 

If your cover letter is to be sent by mail, you should use appropriate format of a business letter with some obligatory details. First of all, it should include your contact information placed at the top. It should also mention the current date and the employer’s contact information. It is essential to have a suitable salutation and a signature at the bottom. If your cover letter is to be sent by e-mail, there is no need to place your contact details at the top. It is recommended to have this information after the signature in your email.

Personalization of a Cover Letter

All internships are unique, so your cover letter should be customized and individualized for a specific position. Personal cover letters should be oriented at specific internships with the emphasized abilities and skills required for this particular opening. Your main purpose is to persuade the hiring agent or employer that you are the best candidate for an intern position.


Personalization of a cover letter is possible via using keywords provided in the listed internship. For instance, you should be careful and seeing that “time management skills” are among the main requirements, you should definitely add a vivid example of how you have used your skills of time management in your previous experience.


Specific Examples instead of Generalizations

It is not enough to claim that you have a peculiar ability. Instead, it is important to mention it in the cover letter and then prove it with a practical example from your previous academic, work, or volunteering experience.

Focus on the Academic Performance

Do not forget to tell about your academic experience in your cover letter. If your work experience is poor, add bright examples from your high school or college to prove your leadership skills or your specific abilities. For instance, if you were successful as a participant or a leader in one of the college projects, you can use this experience as an example of your skills required for an intended internship.

Mention Extracurricular Experience

In some cases, it is beneficial to add not only examples from work or academic experience, but also mention volunteer work or extracurricular participation details. For instance, a cover letter of a future journalist can include his experience of working as a reporter for a university newspaper as it implies having writing and interviewing skills. If an internship requires organizational skills or ability to communicate with different people efficiently, a perfect example would be volunteering experience in a shelter.


The cover letter should have a section at the end devoted to explanation of how you are going to do the  follow-up with your employer. One of the options is to suggest calling to the office on a particular day with at least a week to wait. Note that some listings for internships say that contacting the office is forbidden; in that case, never mention any follow-up in your cover letter.

Editing and Proofreading

Writing should be followed with an obligatory proofreading and editing of your cover letter for all kinds of inconsistencies and mistakes in spelling and grammar. There are always a lot of candidates if an internship is very much in-demand; so, to be competitive and get a chance to get to an interview, you have to be brief and clear in your writing. If your cover letter is not targeted, it will not ensure that you are successful in your pursue of ambitions.

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Examples of Cover Letters for Internship

Mind the difference between your cover letter and your resume: while the former tells the story of your life, the latter just presents a list of your experiences. If you know how to write a cover letter for an internship, your application will stand out among dozens of others. Your potential employers will look at it and understand that your message is clear, “Hey, I am passionately interested in this internship. I know why I have come here and you will never regret taking me among other good candidates.”

This guide is going to give you a brief review of the fundamental principles of writing internship cover letters. You should take care of all aspects, including creativity and proper formatting. Check our website and choose the needed job title and version: entry-level, internship, or any other. Mind that we always make sure that the content is updated!

Cover Letter: Constituent Parts to be Included

There are certain essential aspects to be taken into account when you work on writing an effective cover letter. It should include a header, current date, address of the company, and proper salutation. The following part is the actual cover letter text made up by 3-5 paragraphs with an introductory part, body, and conclusion, with a signature.

    • Header: At the top of the cover letter, there should be your full name, all contact details, application date, and address of the company where you apply.
    • Date: It is a must to have the date of application after the contact details and your name.
    • Address of the company: although letters are not sent by conventional mail, according to the tradition, it is necessary to have mailing address of the company included.
    • Salutation: ‘Dear’ is the most traditional and the most appropriate salutation. Check whether the title and name of a hiring manager is correct and add it to ‘dear’. It is wrong to start the cover letter with such phrases as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern.
    • Introductory part: The pressure on hiring managers is tremendous as they review dozens or hundreds of cover letters daily. Your task is to produce an impression which is both powerful and fast. Thus, your introduction should be concise, engaging, and customized for a particular person and company. This one paragraph should state the reason for writing and give a short overview of your personality with a summary of the letter body.
    • Body: This part presents specific information about your background and qualification with clear explanation of the relation between the position with specific job requirements and your skills and abilities. It should not be long, but these two or three paragraphs should cover everything.
    • Conclusion: You have to meet two tasks: give a summary of the reasons why you have sufficient qualifications for this job and show how grateful you are that your application is taken into consideration.
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Cover Letter Formatting

As for proper formatting, it is as essential as the letter content. If you want to have excellent skills of formatting, check out our guide to apply this knowledge in practice.

  • Length: Forget about lengthy texts. Your cover letter is not a novel. It should be one page with single spacing that comprises approximately 200-400 words.
  • Margins: The standard letter margins are one-inch wide, but it is also appropriate to have 0.5 inch margins. The most important thing is to ensure the consistency of margins on the right, left, bottom, and top.
  • Font size:  10- to 12-point font size is the best. It is sufficiently large for reading, but it is not too big to spoil the impression.
  • Font: The most important feature of the used font is that it can be read easily. The most common fonts are Georgia, Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond, or Tahoma.
  • Color: Black color of the font is always preferable unless you work as a professional graphic designer. Using colors may be a right solution if you want to get a job or internship in the field related to creative work.
  • Alignment: All paragraphs should be alighted left without any indentation of the first sentence. A proper balance between the paragraphs is created by hitting “Return/Enter”.
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Sending a Cover Letter

It is not enough to know how to write a cover letter for an internship. It is also crucial to send it properly. Most probably, you will send an e-version of your cover letter unless you deliver your papers personally. In some cases, employers want to see the file with your cover letter attached to the application. Typically, you will be asked to email it together with your resume.

You can do that using two different methods:

  • The cover letter can be attached to the email. Browse the files on your computer, choose the one with the cover letter, and send it as an attachment to an email. It is important to make sure that the file has your name in its name. For instance, George-Brown-Cover-Letter.doc.
  • Without any attachment, you can copy-paste the text of your cover letter in the email directly. Note that the greeting should be appropriate.

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