Progressive Delivery

Do you have to write, for example, a 20+-page assignment in double-spacing or, say, a 10+ page one in single-spacing? If so, you should find our progressive delivery service beneficial since this is an excellent way for managing these large and sometimes complex writing projects. Furthermore, this is a service you can avail of from    

Why progressive delivery might prove advantageous for you:

  • Good way of breaking writing projects down into more manageable chunks, making them easier for monitoring and managing. Also allows adequate time for checking, adjusting and/or approving the work you receive from us before you have to submit it.      
  • More time for requesting amendments to your paper (30 days rather than the standard 2 days).   
  • Our guarantee that a skilled writer will complete your paper and that one of our best editors will ensure it is 100% error-free.
  • A professional and experienced manager to oversee and monitor your order through to completion, ensuring smooth communication channels and checking that the work is done to an impeccable standard.   

The delivery process – how it works*: 

  • Deadline equals 4 days or less: 25% (part 1) of order completed by 50% of lapsed deadline time and sent to customer. Example: Deadline = 2 days for 20 pages worth of text. completes 5 pages in 1 day and sends this to the customer.   
  • Deadline equals 5-11 days: 25% (part 1) and 50% (part 2) of order completed by 25% and 50% of lapsed deadline time and sent to customer.
  • Deadline equals 12 days (or greater number of days): 25% (part 1), 50% (part 2), and 75% (part 3) of order completed by corresponding amounts of lapsed deadline time (25%/50%,/75%) and sent to customer. 

Cost of progressive delivery service equals a reasonable +15% more than regular delivery.     

* We appreciate that some customers may feel this delivery method does not meet their specific requirements. If this applies to you, it is recommended you get in touch with the person managing your order to find out what other options are available. No doubt, he or she will do their best to find a workable solution for you. 

Is Your Order Quite Small? These Additional Services Might Be Useful! 

These additional options are aimed at customers whose orders are under 20 pages: 

Extended Revision 

Currently, customers have 48 hours (past order delivery time) to ask us to correct or adjust their papers free-of-charge. We can, however, give you a revision extension of up to 14 days on this time if you think it would be useful to you.  


There are a number of situations where summaries can be useful, e.g., for reporting progress, providing updates, and so on. The 1-page summaries our company provides are concise documents showing only the most critical points from a longer text. 


You can request either a 600-word draft (in single line spacing) or a 300-word draft (in double line spacing) from Both types comprise of 1 page and can be released when the deadline agreed between you and our company is halfway complete, e.g., when it reaches 50%. So, if we agree a deadline of 4 days, we can issue a draft to you once 2 days have lapsed, e.g., at half-time.