Great Essays Topics for Kids: Use These Ideas to Become an Effective Writer!

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The following list of essay topics for kids is designed to help youngsters get to grips with the basic rules of writing an essay. For example, writing about any of these topics should help kids to organize their thoughts, construct effective sentences, and to format their work. In turn, all of this should help them as they progress to higher education. Children should be introduced by their teachers to the art of writing essays with topics that are easy to write about before moving to ones that are a little more difficult such as argumentative topics, persuasive topics, and so on. Not only will these help kids improve their language skills, but their writing skills should also improve. 

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Essay Topics For School Children

Topic Ideas for Descriptive Essays

The best way to get children into the habit of writing essays is to give them something they can easily describe. The subject matter should be something that youngsters are already familiar with such as their family life and their homes. These types of topics will help them become accustomed to organizing the thoughts and ideas that come into their heads in a constructive way. Once a child has chosen their topic, they should be taught to develop a few points about that topic before they begin writing the main part of their essay. Below are a few good topic ideas that should be easy for kids to write about.

  • What pet would you choose if you could?
  • The birthday you remember most.
  • Write about your mother and your father.
  • Your best school friend.
  • A very special day you can remember.
  • What you enjoy doing in your spare time.
  • Things that frighten you.
  • Imagine if you had superpowers - what would you do with them?
  • The person you admire most.
  • Your first day in a new school.
  • The last holiday you had.
  • The sport you like most
  • A dream you remember.
  • What you did last summer.
  • The television show you like best.
  • The qualities you need to be president.
  • What you would like to do when you have grown up.
  • The food you like best.
  • Your last dream
  • What would happen if you turned into an animal?
  • Your favorite hobby.
  • What you can see from your bedroom window.
  • What it is like to live beside a bus stop.
  • What wish would you make if someone gave you three wishes.
  • Your adventure into space.
  • What you would do if you were invisible for a whole day.
  • What you would do with a magic pen.
  • A wet day you spent on your own.
  • The best book you have ever read.
  • A day in your life that was really eventful.
  • What qualities make you special?
  • Everything you want to do.
  • What you would do if you were rich.

Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

Once kids have mastered the descriptive essay, they should be ready to move onto argumentative essays. In this type of essay, the writer is required to offer a viewpoint on the topic they are writing about. What needs to be remembered, however, is that an argumentative essay should not be based solely on the writer's own knowledge. Instead, they need to offer sufficient evidence to back up their thoughts and opinions.

  • In what ways is the environment affected by human beings?
  • Reasons why people cannot resist chocolate.
  • Is there any benefit in praying?
  • Plastic bags are harmful. Explain how.
  • Explain how humans are affected by technology.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of zoos.
  • Should there be a complete ban on smoking in public places?
  • Is the killing of animals to acquire clothing and food right?
  • The problems of deforestation and global warming.
  • Would it be right to support bullying?
  • How the effects of video gaming can be harmful.
  • Are mobile phones a nuisance or a necessity?
  • Is it important to learn one or more foreign languages?
  • Forests are constantly being destroyed. Is Earth affected by this destruction?

Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays

There are some similarities between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay in that this genre of writing requires the writer to present his or her opinions on a given topic. There is a difference too, which is that persuasive essays need to change the readers' opinion about a particular topic when they read what you have written. Therefore, the writers of a persuasive essay need to do some meticulous research before they start writing.

  • Do exams cause excessive stress for children?
  • The wearing of school uniforms is usually compulsory. Is this bad or good?
  • What constitutes an excessive amount of homework?
  • Ten advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty.
  • The government should place a ban on hunting.
  • Should schools offer bilingual education?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of providing children with cell phones.
  • It is wrong to keep animals in cages.
  • Could you survive without a television?
  • Is it better for mothers to remain at home than go to work?
  • Why it should be compulsory for people to wear helmets.
  • Spending the Thanksgiving Holiday at home is the best option.

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Topic Ideas for Compare and Contrast Essays

This type of essay is a good way of teaching kids how to a) compare and/or contrast two items or concepts, b) identify relationships between topics, c) examine every aspect of a topic, and d) gain an understanding of a topic from different angles. Hence, once they have chosen a suitable topic, compare contrast essays can help develop a child's analytical abilities.

  • Comparing one video game with another.
  • UK English versus US English.
  • Compare two genres of music.
  • Choose a sports figure or athlete and compare them with another.
  • Choose two restaurants and compare them.
  • Compare the Harry Potter books to the movies.
  • Compare reading a print-version book to reading an online book.
  • Select two books for comparison purposes.
  • How does living in an urban area compare to living in a rural area?
  • Choose two well-known personalities and compare them.
  • How being a child compares to being a teenager.
  • How does living on a college campus compare to living away from campus?
  • How the home you live in compares to the home you dream of.
  • Choose two popular sporting events (e.g. the French Open and Wimbledon or Formula One and NASCAR) and compare them.
  • How does someone who is rich compare to someone who is famous?
  • Think of two feelings that are comparable or similar (e.g., sadness and boredom or happiness and contentment) and compare them.
  • Compare two different ways of spending your holiday (e.g., going abroad compared to staying in your own country).

Topic Ideas for Autobiography-Style Writing

This type of writing is designed to test the student's overall knowledge and powers of imagination. Therefore, the writer should choose a person or thing (whether they are living or not living) and create a fictional description based on the life of that person or thing. Autobiography-style essays do not involve writing about well-known personalities. The following are some suggested topics for an autobiography essay:

  • Write about a tree.
  • Write about a bird or animal.
  • Write about a stream or river.
  • Write about a prince or princess.
  • Write about a pen or pencil.
  • Write about a book.
  • Write about a flower.

Additional Topic Ideas for Kids on Random Subject Matter

  • Persuading your parents to arrange a picnic.
  • How you would like your bedroom decorated.
  • What might happen to the candies you are given this Halloween?
  • If you had the chance, how would you help the fragile old person who lives near you?
  • What animal would you invent?
  • Plan a surprise birthday party for one of your parents.
  • If you were to find yourself in Lilliput, what do you think your life would be like?
  • Imagine you were president.
  • What would your life be like if you became a flower?
  • What would it be like to be Mayor of your town or city?
  • Imagine you are an angel or a devil.
  • Should children board at school?
  • Imagine you are a billionaire - how would you spend your money?

A teacher may modify the above topic ideas to some extent according to the grade level of the children they are teaching. Additionally, it is important for a teacher to provide appropriate guidance for the genre of essay they expect their students to produce. Using these topic ideas as practice is good preparation for moving onto the more complex type topics that students are likely to come across later on in their studies

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