Excellent Tips on Rewriting

If it is your objective to create a new piece of writing by rewriting an existing text, you must be ready to have several attempts at it.

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The method described below should prove useful:

  1. Create the initial or first draft of your paper: When writing this, try to put your thoughts and ideas onto paper. You need not bother about revision at this point. Indeed, there is no need for you to even read back over what you have written unless you need to do so to regain your focus. 
  2. Reviewing your work: Look back at your draft and highlight any significant problems that require attention. For instance, further research may be needed to correct facts, the narrative may need considerable alteration, characters may need renaming, or some sections may need to be re-ordered.  
  3. Additional rewriting will now be needed: At this stage, it is likely you will need to completely rewrite your first draft from your notes. Your objective here is essentially to tidy up your first rough draft.  
  1. The next step involves a little revision. Go back over your work again making any changes you think are necessary while you go along. Tighten up any dialogue, double-check your word choices, improve descriptions, and make sure sentences flow smoothly. It is a good idea to make your revision quite focused i.e. focus one round of revision on fact checking, another round on descriptions, another round on dialogue, etc.    
  2. Editing is the next stage. During the previous revisions and rewriting it is likely that most technical errors will have been removed. Therefore, you can use this round of editing to look at punctuation, spelling and grammar while also checking the structure and flow of sentences. You could also refer to a reputable English grammar guide if you are not conversant with every rule.    
  3. The very last step in the process is proofreading: This generally involves checking for any remaining errors and/or annoying typographical mistakes.   

You may have to repeat some of the steps described above as you go along

For example, it is often advisable to proofread a text several times until you are sure there are no more errors left. Ideally, once your part is complete, you should use a reputable writing and editing service to do a final check. Remember, no matter how many times you check a text, a few mistakes and other inconsistencies will inevitably slip through.