Written assignments are the most common way of assessing student’s understanding of the learned material. It is crucial for every student to be able to produce good and errorless research papers and essays. PrimeEssay.org is an international company that provides writing and editing services for an affordable price. We help students to perfect their academic assignments to make sure that they receive only A+.

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Paper Editing is a Very Important Element of Academic Writing

It is almost as important as writing an essay, since a paper that is full of mistakes is almost worthless. With help of our paper editing service you can polish up your assignment and make sure that the time you have spent on writing your essay was not wasted. Our company was established several years ago and we still remain leaders in the industry of custom writing and editing services. If you consider ordering an essay or using editing service, you must make sure that the company you refer to is reliable. PrimeEssay.org provides not only essay editing, but thesis and dissertation editing services. We can undertake any assignment regardless its complexity level or topic.

We have created a team of professional writers and editors who are experts in various academic disciplines. All our employees undergo a strict selection process before being approved to the position of writer or editor. In addition, all our editors are native English speakers, thus we make sure that our company produces perfect English editing. With help of our professional editing service you will be able to improve the structure of your essay, remove all the grammar and stylistic mistakes, as well as check it for plagiarism. We always make sure that all papers that undergo editing are delivered to the customer without any trace of plagiarism. Plagiarism is quite serious issue in the world of academics, thus paper editing service is a wise decision to make sure that you hand in the perfect paper. Sometimes, editing of the paper can be really challenging for a person without an appropriate academic experience or knowledge. Thus, do not hesitate to get a professional academic assistance at PrimeEssay.org.

Another Benefit that Editing Service Provides is Time Saving

Many students produce very good essays in terms of content; however, a poor grammar and messy structure affects an overall mark. Sometimes, professors misunderstand students’ ideas, only because of language barrier and students’ inability to communicate their thoughts in an appropriate way. Other students simply skip the editing part of the essay because of lack of time. Overall, one has to choose: either save time and get a lower grade or waste a lot of time and get a bit better mark. PrimeEssay.org can help you to save your time and get a good grade.

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High Quality Editing is Very Hard Work that Requires a Lot of Knowledge

We have spent years for finding professional writers and editors whom we can trust your essays. Good quality is our main goal, and we have achieved it successfully. Our writers and editors can correct any essay within the shortest time possible, without compromising the quality. We understand the importance of timely delivery, thus your paper will never be delayed.

Finally, in case you experience any issues or problems you can always receive 24/7 assistance from our online customer support team. Our trained agents are always willing to help you. You can refer to them with any question you have. Our agent will explain you our price policy, as well as will help you to buy a paper online or order custom editing service for a rather cheap price. We take care about our customers and are always ready to find the best possible solution of any problem.

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Great Editing Tips to Improve Your Written Work

These days, a lot of teachers, professors, and business people often complain that people nowadays – usually “today’s kids” – are unable to write properly. A large part of the problem, possibly the largest part, it would seem is that it is the editing aspects that people overlook.  People labour under the misapprehension that effective writing is something that flows effortlessly from the pen or keyboard and that too much editing would spoil the writer’s efforts.

Good writers know this is not true; their bibliographies, memoirs and other texts are full of tales about sentences that had to be reworked countless times, manuscripts that were halved in order to be legible, and whole lives spent modifying one work that never seemed perfect. It is little wonders that many writers say there is “no such thing” as good writing, but rather it is the rewriting that counts.  

So, if the art of writing is not taught enough nowadays, editing is taught even less. This is a great shame because the most crucial part of writing lies in the editing. Even more so than proofreading, effective editing serves to improve the clarity of a written piece and to make it more powerful. The following are a few tips to improve your written work:  

  • Read your texts backwards: It is possible you have heard about “reverse” reading, which means reading a piece backwards one word at a time. This technique works well because it does not allow the brain to see what it wants to see and it allows you to spot any typos and/or spelling mistakes you may otherwise miss.  However, this is not effective where the meaning depends on the order of words and phrases. Therefore, you should just read a text from the end back to the beginning one sentence at a time, one paragraph at a time, or both, to ensure every sentence and paragraph is coherent and makes good sense by itself.  
  • Read what you have written aloud: This helps identify any awkward sentences or passages that look sensible, particularly in the eyes of the writer. 
  • Leave it overnight: Leave your texts for a night at least and longer if possible, before you begin editing. In an ideal situation, the aim is to forget what you have written. This means that your brain will only see what is there rather than what it is expecting to see. Writers often make logical mistakes that are not noticeable at the time of writing because the mind is full of topic-related thoughts, ideas, arguments, examples, and so on. However, when you approach your texts with a fresh mind, those associations vanish and all that matters is what is written down.  
  • Remove rather than add text: Writers nearly always use too many words. Although a few additional words may be needed during the editing part, you should mostly be deleting words. A text that is concisely written is generally more legible and powerful than a long text.
  • Remove any pretentious words and phrases: It is not unusual for novice writers to mimic the language of their professors and other scholars or, perhaps more precisely, the type of language they think is used in academic life. Even though you may be in the middle of your academic career, do not model your writing on what you think is acceptable in academic life. Although jargon has its place, mostly it serves to confuse and exclude the reader rather than include them. The type of language used by journalists is more appealing to the majority of readers, which means you should aim at best for the reading level of a good eighth-grade student.
  • Get rid of unnecessary adverbs: Certain adverbs are acceptable, but they are often used purely for “padding” where this is not needed. It is unnecessary, for instance, to say, “She ran fast” since the very nature of running means it is fast. Only mention something that is unusual or out-of-the-ordinary about a person’s running (e.g. if it was slow). Take it for granted that readers know the meaning of running.  
  • Justify your work: There should be a reason for every word in your text, whether it is a statement, main point, joke, question, etc. Be ruthless about removing any words that have no purpose.
  • Eliminate redundancies and anything that is not needed: This rule should be applied at sentence level and to your entire text. In your early education, you may have been taught to say something repeatedly but this is usually a waste of readers’ time and it can be an affront to their intelligence. Indeed, it can turn readers away. Say something clearly once and move to the next point.
  • Avoid the passive voice: Be vigilant about using “to be” and variants e.g. “is,” “are,” “am,” “was” and “were.” These usually indicate passiveness in a sentence i.e. where the subject is the recipient of an action rather than the one who acts. Passive writing is often weak and unconvincing and is often indicative of trying to avoid something. For example, to say “he made a mistake” indicates that someone is responsible whereas “a mistake was made” suggests responsibility is not being allocated to anyone. Essentially, it suggests an effect rather than an action and is best avoided.

Like effective writing, effective editing is an art form, and should be considered part of the writing process. Editing requires time, patience and practice in order to become good at it. However, the effort is worthwhile because your written work will be more effective, alive, and more importantly, much more likely to get noticed.

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