Harvard Format Paper

When you are working on an academic paper, you must possess a variety of skills and capabilities to meet your grading requirements. Apart from sharing the latest evidence on your topic or subject, you will also need to know how to reference and cite your sources correctly. One of the basic skills you must possess relates to the use of Harvard referencing.

As a student or an academic writer, you can enjoy a wide variety of citation formats and styles. However, in all situations, you will have to follow the recommendations and requirements from either your professor or the journal in which you would like to publish your article. Harvard referencing is definitely one of the most popular and widely accepted styles.

Harvard referencing and formatting has several unique features:

  • One of the greatest things about Harvard referencing and formatting is that it is easy to learn. You do not need any special skills to use its principles in practice.
  • Any Harvard referencing and formatting guide provides easy-to-follow recommendations for every kind of sources you can use in your paper. In most cases, you will have to include author's name, date of publication, title of the publication, as well as the publisher and its location.
  • You will need to include in-text citations for every piece of information you take from an external source. An in-text citation must include author's name and year. Page numbers must be used for direct quotations.
  • In the Harvard style of referencing, you will have to use Times New Roman, 12-point font, single or double spacing. Follow the requirements provided by your tutor or course supervisor. Write in an easy but professional manner, to make your text understandable for the reader.

Harvard style has been extensively used in hundreds of academic and scholarly publications. However, it is always important to be consistent in using in-text citations and references in Harvard style writing. The more you use it in practice, the easier it will be for you. You will quickly learn how to include author-date citations in the body of the text and link them to the references included at the end of your paper.

Even when you are working on a draft of your work, you should use proper formatting and style. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to revise the initial draft and make it perfect. Use credible sources and cite them properly according to the basic conventions of Harvard style. 


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