What Is A Movie Critique Essay And How To Complete It

Movie critique writing is an informative review of a movie. Writing a movie critique paper is a kind of art that requires person’s understanding, commitment, patience, as well as unbiased opinion regarding the chosen movie or film. The main idea of a  decent movie critique paper is to give future readers some piece of info about the film, so that they can take a decision for themselves whether to see it or not.

The writer is supposed to include in certain movie critique piece of evidence or details regarding what the film is about, his/ her assessment of the success or failure of this film, based on the data gathered. Therefore, it is more than a movie synopsis of the film / movie. For the author, a movie critique writing implies presenting his/her personal opinions , considerations, or points of view about the movie based on the interest, frustration, pleasure, surprise, disappointment, disgust, or any other types of feelings and emotions that the movie evokes.

Guide on How to Write Movie Critique Essay

  • See the Film before Writing

The first step that you should do before commence writing a movie critique or review paper is to see the chosen or set movie. Consider that a movie review will be a failure without seeing it beforehand. You should watch the movie in a peaceful and quiet environment and take notes of the details of the movie or even see it several times to understand it better.

  • Try to Complete an Unbiased and Creative Review Paper

A movie review is to present or reflect person’s opinion or point of view concerning the movie. It is recommended that the writers should be as impartial and unbiased as only possible. It is better not to utilize such words as "extra-ordinary, flabbergasting, excellent, worst, horrible, dreadful, etc." Opinions or considerations should be explained in detail and the way so that future readers will be capable of taking their own decision of the issue or problem being disliked or liked. The readers should be capable of determining if they would disagree or agree with the writer’s opinion. In case the readers consider that a movie reviewer has the similar taste as they do and agree with his / her opinions regarding the movie, they are likely to follow the recommendations provided by the film reviewer, which is not always the right way.

  • Determine Your Future Readers

The next essential aspect in terms of composing a movie critique paper is to identify future readers. You should be well aware of your target readers before you start working on your movie critique paper. If it is calculated on for children, then you should follow other standards and highlight those aspects that they may get interested in. A personalized approach should be applied to your future readers so as to keep them engaged, connected, and involved.

  • Length of Your Piece of Writing

A perfect movie critique paper should comprise about three – five pages in length. It is advised to give a brief sketch of the film plot so that the future readers know what to expect in the movie and clear have an idea of what the movie under analysis dwells on. It should be a brief outline or a summary and not the whole film scene-by-scene description. Take into consideration that if you attempt to recount everything and reflect it on paper, the effect can be unpredictable. Some readers can get frustrated, nervous, irritated or bored. The writer should focus on something strange, unusual, bizarre, interesting or amazing takes place in the film, thus making the readers watch the film described in the movie critique paper.

  • Make Emphasis on the Actors’ Performance in the Film

Actors or film players are an important part of any film critique due to the fact that the majority of people see movies simply to enjoy their favorite and beloved actors’ performance. Details concerning the actors, as well as their performances, roles, scandals, failures, etc. should be incorporated in the movie critique or review paper. A convenient and effective way to the instruction of the actors in the film critique paper is to address the name of the character and indicate the actor / actress’ first and last name in the parenthesis or the brackets. The writer can refer to the real name of the actor / actress when writing about his / her performance or remarkable contribution towards the success of the film. As movie critique writing provides details only concerning the actor's / actress’ role in the movie, the writer should utilize the character’s name when presenting the plot with respect to the film character.

  • Discuss the Structure and Storyline of the Film

The structure of the movie can be highlighted in the movie / film review paper, whether the storyline was made emphasis on or not, whether the plot of the film was predictable, what was new, strange or bizarre in the film presented. The story line of the movie is considered the most significant factor of the movie success or a failure. Thus, the opinion or point of view about the film story line is supposed to be one of the essential factors that can motivate the future readers to see the movie. Thus, the structure of the film has to be presented carefully and accordingly.

  • Include Your Personal Opinion on the Essential Aspects of the Film, Such as Cast, Direction, Sound Effects, Screenplay, Music, Visual Effects, Design

The other important features of a film are lights, screenplay, music, film crew, cast, etc. Therefore, the film critique should comprise these details related to how the movie was shot, directed, any possible flaws or mistakes in the screenplay, the ineffective or effective application of lights and music, etc. Again, the opinion of the writer about the above-indicated aspects is of great significance.

Below are several questions that each writer should provide answers to while working on movie critique essay writing:

Questions to Answer while Working on a Movie Critique

The list of the questions provided above is not limited to only ten. If the writer incorporates the answers to the above questions into his / her movie critique paper, it is a guarantee that essential part of the work has been done. While working on a movie critique, the writer should consider the tense use. The present tense is recommended to be used in order to present the actions of the film more vividly. When the movie critique paper is ready, it imperative to check it for any mistake and plagiarism.

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