How to Write a Synthesis Essay: A Useful Guide

Synthesis essay writing is hard mental work. A student needs to be nosy to collect great and relevant information from a variety of sources. He or she also needs to have good research skills as well as the ability to present original ideas to be able to argue for a particular point of view or research a topic.

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Now, let us continue discussing what a synthesis essay is.

What Is a Synthesis Essay?

This essay is a written discussion of a specific topic that incorporates information from a wide range of sources and a variety of different perspectives in order to shape a new idea, opinion, or question.

Thus, synthesis requires one to conduct extensive research on the chosen issue. Questions or statements that guide the student in writing a synthesis essay can be based on their personal opinion, but they should utilize facts and other evidence (such as numerical data) to support their point of view. The scholarly sources students commonly use are academic articles published in reputable journals, books, encyclopedias, and official documents. Non-scholarly sources include magazines and newspapers, as well as articles from websites and blog posts. Sometimes, the information can come from non-written sources such as interviews, lectures, or observations.

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As a synthesis essay writer, you are to use as many relevant sources as possible. You should collect different opinions and info, and combine them in one document, providing your own point of view.

The ability to synthesize information is of great importance for students from different colleges and universities. Thus, synthesis is often used in:

  • Research papers, requiring the inclusion of multiple sources. For instance, students may be asked to look at the social and economic effects of a proposed law. 
  • Analysis papers, requiring one to examine specific theories. Thus, a student may be assigned to compare the theories of evolution or the theories of motivation.
  • Argumentative documents aimed at comparing different views and supporting a consistent claim. For instance, “Do online plagiarism checkers used by instructors violate students’ rights?” One side may argue that such platforms steal students’ essays while others may say that these are great tools to prove the originality of ideas.
  • Business reports that examine specific cases and provide solutions presented as coherent plans. The topic of such an assignment may be: “The plans to enhance Toledo’s waterfront to draw more visitors and open up new business opportunities.”

Now that you know a synthesis essay definition, let us discuss how to start a synthesis essay.

How to Start a Synthesis Essay

First and foremost, you should learn how to create a clear summary of the concepts while keeping the main point in mind. Thus, while reading the sources, you need to create a list of the main points. Next, you need to define the order in which these ideas should be presented. At the same time, you should always remind yourself of the purpose of your essay and your main claim. This will keep you on track.  Also, note that the purpose of your paper will determine which sources you need to read and use later in your plan.

Know the Type of Your Synthesis Essay

There are two types of synthesis commonly used in academic essays. They are as follows:

  • Argumentative. This type of essay requires you to state your personal thoughts and opinions on a specific issue, and then back them up with appropriate evidence. 
  • Explanatory. Such an essay is aimed at educating the readers on the topic chosen. The student should break the theme down into smaller components and then present the content in a clear and understandable way. The author of this paper should emphasize the descriptions and explanations of certain concepts for the readers to understand them clearly. An explanatory essay is free from any opinions as it is supposed to present the facts only.

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Steps to Write a Decent Synthesis Essay

  • Define the purpose of your essay to understand the right way to argue and shape your thesis. This statement should be the central idea or claim of your paper.
  • Choose the right sources and carefully read them. Make notes as was discussed earlier. Make sure you can present info from the chosen sources in relation to your main claim and supporting arguments. If you decide to simply cite claims from sources without evaluating this info, then these citations will control your essay and the reader may misinterpret the information.
  • Use your summary of the main concepts from sources to work out an organizational plan. It would be wise to use more than one source per one point. This step will help you to improve your credibility. Choose the most credible sources: evaluate which publication has better logic or more evidence. See how publications can support or contradict each other.
  • Present the relationship between the statements from publications and your thesis.
  • Present each source on your reference page. Cite each one correctly. Be sure to provide citations every time you paraphrase or summarize the source, or quote directly from it.

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Synthesis Essay Structure

The info provided in this section will definitely help you to understand how to write a synthesis essay. So, there are three main ways to structure such a paper.

For instance, you may decide to present the most compelling/important evidence last so that your reader will remember it better. This is a climatic structure of a synthesis essay.

Next, you can make use of the problem/solution order. In this case, you need to establish the problem in the introductory section of your essay and offer several solutions in the body of the text.

Finally, a comparison and contrast structure can be used if you want to compare several sources. Thus, you will need to summarize each publication, highlighting the similarities and differences with the rest of the sources. In your essay you can:

  • Move from one point to another, back and forth between the publications being compared;
  • Use the block structure, where one publication is thoroughly discussed before moving on to the next one.

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Tips for Writing a Synthesis Essay

If you want to get really high grades for your original synthesis essay, take advantage of the tips from our expert writers below:

  • Provide a corresponding title for your synthesis essay. Neatly chosen descriptive words will surely attract your potential readers. One of the tricks often used to create intrigue in the title of an essay is to present the heading in the form of a question. This can encourage people to read your work to find an answer.
  • Be sure to back up every personal statement, idea, and point of view with citations from reputable publications. Please note that you should always present your claim first, and only then you are to provide a supporting quote. It is wrong to do this the other way round.
  • You should support a smooth flow of ideas throughout your essay. This should be a kind of a dialogue between your own statements and those taken from reputable publications. There may also be an internal dialogue between the publications: you can additionally compare their content. As a good writer, you should compare the positions of different authors on the issue at hand, thereby helping the reader to form their own opinion on the topic.
  • Know who your readers are. With this info in mind, you need to choose the right tone to make your text appealing. To educate your audience about a specific issue or topic and clearly explain your point of view, your text should be persuasive. The words and expressions you choose should be clear to your readers.
  • Take good care of the organization of the main body paragraphs. Each point that supports your main claim should be presented in a separate paragraph. If you are a beginner, then placing a topic sentence in the middle of your paragraph is not the right strategy for you. Make sure this sentence is provided at the very beginning of the paragraph. Also, every paragraph should be of a specific length – it should contain at least five sentences. Meanwhile, you should not provide paragraphs that occupy an entire page – 300 words. This will prevent your readers from staying focused. Make sure that the overall structure is well-balanced and logical. Thus, the introductory section should not be too long. Approximately 250 words are enough to introduce your topic, provide an interesting hook and a central claim. The same can be said about your concluding section. It should not be too long. The presentation of new ideas is not allowed there. This should just be a summary of the main points and your central claim.
  • Avoid wordiness and rarely used expressions. Clarity and conciseness are what every author strives for. Thus, check every statement in your paper and ask yourself if there is a way to make it shorter and/or clearer.
  • Lastly, double-check the final version of your synthesis essay. Make all necessary corrections. If you really want to impress your reader, you should take advantage of editing services from a reputable online writing company. There, an experienced editor will check your text and bring it to perfection.

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Good Synthesis Essay Topics

While the list of possible topics for your synthetic essay is almost endless, you need to choose the one that is truly interesting to you and your audience.  Thus, it should be something really important for people living in the 21st century. For instance, you may want to discuss:

  • The Negative Effects of Global Warming
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Health Risks and Unexpected Effects of GMO
  • The Future of Cryptocurrency

We hope that this article was useful to you. If you are still unsure of how to write a synthesis essay, this is not the reason to get despaired. You can always turn to our professional academic writing company for help.

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