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Do you have a good idea for a fantasy novel? Do you want to turn this idea into an interesting novel but you lack sufficient experience? In our guide, we have collected some writing prompts and ideas that will help you create an interesting masterpiece. You can apply these tips in your writing, no matter if you are going to create a short story, novel, screenplay, or any other fictional story. Develop your writing skills and become a famous fiction writer!

So, how to write a fantasy novel? Creating a fantasy novel is a wonderful chance to explore your imagination and discover various mysterious and magical things. If you feel that you can do it, leave all your doubts and hesitations behind and face this challenge.

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Almost each fantasy novel includes tropes. However, if you do not want to use them and want to make your paper stand out of many others, there are many ways to avoid the clichés and come up with an intriguing story.

If you made up your mind to use an existing myth, make sure to do it properly. Changing the name of your protagonist won`t make your story new. Nobody will want to read the story about the Greek Goddess of Love Amelia because everyone knows that she was called Aphrodite. There is nothing bad about being inspired by existing stories and myths. However, your task is to develop your own story that would be authentic and interesting for your readers. Maybe you are inspired by reading about Vikings? Learn everything about them, their customs, and characteristic features, and make sure to create your own society full of brave characters. If you have written your story but your characters resemble the already existing creatures of the world literature, we highly recommend you re-think it. Your goal as a fantasy writer is to create a brand new world that would engage your readers, help them forget about their problems and routine, and dive into the world of fantasy. You may reasonably ask “Can I use the images if elves, dragons, or fairies?” Yes, certainly. However, you should reconsider their images, give them a new life, and give them brand new qualities.

This rule is also applied to a love triangle. If your story assumes writing a romance, then everything is all right. However, if your story is about an epic quest, make sure to think twice if romance is appropriate and how it will contribute to a plot.

Don`t just include a romance because other writers do or because you think your readers will like it. If the romance is a separate element of the plot and is not related to any other elements, make sure to get rid of it. However, if you decide to include a romantic story into your novel, try to avoid clichéd “pure love.” Your romantic story should develop your characters, show their nature, and explore their inner world. Including a romance that will be deeply penetrated in your story, you will have more chances to make it compelling and creative.

Actually, new world-building is the essential thing for any fantasy novel. You may want to create brand new culture, environment, and creatures living in this world. However, although creating a new world is important, your main task as a fantasy writer is to describe the characters living there. If you have developed your world to the smallest details but your characters are wandering through it without any goal or mission, do not hurry up to write a novel before you give your characters some motivation or purpose.

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Everybody knows that the thing that can motivate the male character is the death of his or her wife or girlfriend whereas the thing that can motivate the female character is the desire to get married. Boring. We have already read that in dozens of fairytales or saw in fantasy movies. If you want to create a truly interesting story, give your characters the motivation that is relevant for the 21st society. It does not mean that your female character should try to find a location for making a selfie. Why can`t a woman self-identify without a man? Why the woman should first be broken down and then look for escape? Why can`t a man act bravely until he loses a close person? Humans are much more interesting than the characters from the fairytales. Pay attention to that and give them the right motivation.

If you use some magic, you should clearly understand what it means. Make sure to create some rules and stick to them. For instance, it will confuse your readers if your magician is strong enough to change the time but cannot do a much easier thing. Actually, it would be great if your magician could develop new skills with the story flow. Sometimes, you may create a lot of laws according to which the magician works. If you cannot explain it in the book, that is totally fine. Most probably, your reader will be ok with not reading long descriptions of the laws of science and chemical reactions. As long as your story seems logical, your reader won`t have any problems with its comprehension. When it comes to consistency, your characters should act in line with their motivation and development. If your character is noble and good, you will need to give them a very good motivation for them to betray their party. If you decide to make your characters too flexible for the convenience of the plot development, it is a wrong strategy. Yes, your characters should serve the plot but they should develop independently.

You used to read the stories in which there were only good versus evil or black versus white. However, these stories do not include all the other nuances. Sometimes, good people may make bad decisions and vice versa. Dividing your story into good and bad, you will make it too boring and your reader will quickly lose their interest. If your male character is very brave without having any doubt, this character is boring. If he is good at everything he does, it is very boring. Let your characters have doubts. Allow them to be not perfect. Let your antagonist be motivated by not just “being bad” but something more interesting. Indeed, doing evil for the sake of evil is not really interesting.

How to Write a Fantasy Novel? Fantasy Writing Prompts

Like all the writing prompts, the prompts given below can vary depending on the type of novel you write. You may use these prompts in writing other fictional stories like urban fantasy, paranormal romance, magic realism, and many others. We assure you that you can interpret these prompts according to your imagination as they are just triggers. Indeed, they are very flexible allowing all writers to modify them in accordance with their own style. Are you ready? Let`s begin:

Ask yourself the following questions to see whether your article is professionally written:

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Have you described all the details required for correct topic discussion?
Is the narration order logical?
Are there transitions in your article writing?

How to Write a Fantasy Novel? Final Touches

Actually, to develop your fantasy writing skills, you should read a lot. Without any doubts, reading will significantly enhance your writing capacity as you will learn a lot of creative tips and secrets on how to create rich images in your stories. Before publishing your story, make sure to show it to some of your friends of close people and ask them to provide their feedback. Do not be afraid of criticism because a good writer considers it as an instrument for improving his or her skills. All in all, we assure you that by using your rich imagination, you will be able to create an amazing masterpiece that will bring you respect and love of your readers.